Roisin Brady is a gifted intuitive, energy reader and consciousness revolutionary. After many years exploring different fields on her ‘search for purpose’ such a personal development, life coaching, spirituality and yoga she awoke to her true soul’s purpose as a Wayshower, Guide and leader of leaders on this evolution of consciousness.

Offering unique readings she brings together her years of experience & personal journey in the self-aware/spiritual fields as well as her innate intuitive and clairsentient gifts to provide soul-ful, specific and activating guidance.

She also provides regular insight and messages of high frequency and expanded consciousness, tune-in & follow her work to receive by-proxy energy upgrades and invitations to re-member who you are.

Her work is suited to only those who are ready to fully & joyfully take responsibility for themselves and the creation of their life!

“We are here to create. And our master piece creation is our very own life. The time is now to fully know, own and act as the true conscious creators that we ARE. This is why we came. We are deep in the process of literally revolutionising our own consciousness from one that was weighted under the limitations of mass consciousness and mental thinking, to one that is embodied and centered in the sovereignty and wisdom of our own sacred heart centre. We are each forging our individual paths, alone and yet together alongside one another we support, guide and explore as the true consciousness revolutionaries that we are.”  Roisin Brady


By | February 4th, 2018|Inspiration|

There is a funny meme going around about being so deep & spiritual & boring. It made me laugh when I saw it, because I thought 'yes, that is so me at times!' Always with the deep, always straight to the jugular, cutting through the BS to get to the core. Oh I love it!! But you know what else? Something that maybe doesn't come across so much through my writings & presence on social media.... At the very same time that I'm deep [...]


By | February 3rd, 2018|Empowerment, Motivation|

I'm not one of 'those' intuitive readers. I don't even know what I mean by 'those' - cause I haven't really met any of them. But what I have met are those who THINK & WISH that 'intuitives' have their answer. Someone, anyone, anything - other than the person you see when you look in the mirror. And I'm here to tell you I don't have your answer and I never will and I never intend to. Because how fucking selfish & upity of [...]


By | January 24th, 2018|Inspiration|

I’ve had this piece to write for some weeks now. Sitting under the surface, waiting for me to find words to put to what this experience is like….

But words often fall short. None the less, here it is… I love to dance. Wild & free, wacky & wonderful dancing is a crazy liberating, life affirming, freedom claiming experience to BE ME. That’s what it is, and when I go for a dance, nothing less will suffice. Usually that means and looks like, well, exactly [...]

AN OPEN INVITATION TO COMMUNITY (long & potentially unpopular!)

By | January 23rd, 2018|Purpose|

I've got an interesting relationship with community. It's never really sat with me. It has often felt like a 'buzz term' with no real substance behind it. Or too much substance in terms of co-dependency. I should start this by saying I'm a loner at heart. Yes, I love being by myself. totally love it, always have. I never really considered why this was, I always just accepted it as part of my nature. However, in recent years as I have awoken to my [...]

{52Wks5&6} A short video to say hello 🙂

By | January 20th, 2018|52 Transformational Weeks|

Hi gorgeous transformers!! I made a video for you this week and I even kept it short and sweet. Less than 6 minutes!! I went to upload it to the website.. but I don't have enough space! Might have to upgrade soon!! But in the meantime here it is over on Drive. Just click HERE for this week's message. And as always, ask your questions below. Lot's of love, Roisin

FEELING PRIVILEGED TO BE ME! (And yes, that is allowed!)

By | January 17th, 2018|Empowerment|

Today is my birthday. And when I woke up this morning all I could think about was how privileged I feel to be me. I feel so blessed to be on this journey and discovering and accepting the truth of who I am. When you know who you are, then you realise what a privilege it is to get to experience being who you are!! It’s such a monumental shift from who I once was. Although at the same time, this IS who I [...]

{52Wks4} Didn’t you know?! You’re DONE with CHANGING!!

By | January 7th, 2018|52 Transformational Weeks|

You’re not ever going to change. It sounds so mean doesn’t it?! Well, I want to talk about this again and give a bit more context to what I really mean when I said this in last week’s blog. The fact is interpretation is everything, and I love nothing more than re-framing things that dis-empower us. And I do this by re-interpreting what a particular concept means. Case in point – we don’t change. Woo fucking hoo!! I promised context this week and I’m [...]

Fuck your WHY & the train it rolled in on

By | January 5th, 2018|Empowerment, Inspiration|

I’ve had my fill of why. I sort of annoy the heck out of myself with why. I’ve just got that kind of a brain, ya know? I like questions & I love answers even more, so I’m always asking why something.   Which is sort of what started this whole thing to begin with.   What whole thing is that? Not this blog piece, no I mean THIS, ME, doing this, Being me.   All started with why.   Why LIFE? Why like [...]

{52Wks3} 2018!!! Uh… Now what??!!

By | January 2nd, 2018|52 Transformational Weeks|

It's already the 2nd here and now as I write this, perhaps it's later again as you read it. Gosh, new year energy can be conflicting, don't you think? I mean there is the fresh slate feeling, anything is possible, hopeful anticipation... which all feels great! We imagine, we envision, we decide a million things are going to change and we are going to suddenly do all the do's we usually skip over. Yeah!! New year! Of course! I can do it all!! Except, [...]