How to deal with other’s opinions

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You know when you say something and it’s received completely out of context? It’s almost like the words left your mouth and while travelling through space and time got re-arranged in mid-air and the receiver ‘picked up’ something completely different to what you said?! Yeah, when that happens – annoying isn’t it!? You then start [...]

Forget Consistency – It’s time to LIVE

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There is one word that seems to simultaneously cause dread AND hope for betterment in all of us. The big C and NO I don’t mean the health one, I mean the one that pretty much everyone I’ve ever met has struggled with at some point in their life. CONSISTENCY. If only we could be [...]

What responsibility truly means

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Responsibility: Your ability to respond This simple definition literally transformed my life OVERNIGHT. But it wasn't just the logical understanding of the linguistic definition that did it. It was a deep and resonant recognition that I was truly responsible for my life and everything in it. A brief summary of where I was at when [...]

How to STOP avoiding doing that thing you love

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Avoidance, it’s a game we all like to play. And certainly it’s a game I’m only too familiar with. But lately I’ve started to take a closer look at what’s really going on when the siren goes off and this game kicks off for another round.   To be more specific I’m talking about avoiding [...]

Think like an athlete & cross-train your life!

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After spending the last year mostly writing about Queenstown and my 52 Remarkable Weeks, I’m a little out of practice of writing about anything else! But interestingly that very habit combined with my nerdy love of the body and moving has me musing about how we get stuck in doing things a certain way…. The [...]

One fear to rule them all…..

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If you are not moving forward in your life in the direction you really want, if you are not really creating a life you love and if you are not following your passions, it’s because there is something holding you back. And that something is fear. Now, we could go down the road of asking [...]