Why sometimes you just need to SUCK at something!

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This week I’ve been playing with the newest online toy – Periscope. If you’ve not heard of it yet, it’s a live streaming app. It broadcasts your videos into a social media feed so people can watch and listen to you LIVE. Sounds fun right? Um, not really, it sounds scary, sort of like public [...]

Say it with me ‘I AM CREATIVE’!

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I’ve never considered myself a creative. I don’t feel I have a natural talent or flair for art and creating beautiful things. I did love crafts when I was a kid, but the follow the instructions kind of crafts, and the colour inside the lines kind of colouring. When we are really young then this [...]

Be the Person You would Love to Coach

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*While this post is about coaching, I firmly believe you could switch out the word ‘coach’ for whatever your profession is and get some value from this message!!* Yesterday I watched a training that really inspired me. It was from one of my favourite coaches. Whilst, he is one of my favourite coaches, he also [...]

Forget the End Game – What’s TODAY?!

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I have a quote on my desktop that says ‘how we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives’ Annie Dillard. It’s such a great reminder for me to focus on what really matters about the day to day things I do as a coach. One of the things that I’m working [...]