How to discover your purpose in life

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What’s my purpose? WHAT IS MY PURPOSE??!! For years I asked myself this question. I mean literally YEARS. I grew up asking myself this. I also grew up wondering what the heck life was all about anyway. I was secretly very sure that there was some big game being played and for some reason we [...]

One Remarkable Year!

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Inspired by the striking mountain range The Remarkables in my beautiful home town of Queenstown NZ, I took a year to explore a ‘remarkable’ journey.  I slipped on my ‘remarkable lenses’ and with excitement and eageness I set off to see what I would find..... it certainly was Remarkable! Follow & relive the journey over here [...]

I am the creator… but what about the Universe?!

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The universe is loving and benevolant and wants to give us what we want! Yay! We are being taught to 'put it out' to the Universe and let it sort it all out for us. However, at the same stage I have complete knowing, trust and belief that I am the creator of my reality.... [...]