Roisin Brady is a gifted intuitive, energy reader and consciousness revolutionary. After many years exploring different fields on her ‘search for purpose’ such a personal development, life coaching, spirituality and yoga she awoke to her true soul’s purpose as a Wayshower, Guide and leader of leaders on this evolution of consciousness.

Offering unique readings she brings together her years of experience & personal journey in the self-aware/spiritual fields as well as her innate intuitive and clairsentient gifts to provide soul-ful, specific and activating guidance.

She also provides regular insight and messages of high frequency and expanded consciousness, tune-in & follow her work to receive by-proxy energy upgrades and invitations to re-member who you are.

Her work is suited to only those who are ready to fully & joyfully take responsibility for themselves and the creation of their life!

“We are here to create. And our master piece creation is our very own life. The time is now to fully know, own and act as the true conscious creators that we ARE. This is why we came. We are deep in the process of literally revolutionising our own consciousness from one that was weighted under the limitations of mass consciousness and mental thinking, to one that is embodied and centered in the sovereignty and wisdom of our own sacred heart centre. We are each forging our individual paths, alone and yet together alongside one another we support, guide and explore as the true consciousness revolutionaries that we are.”  Roisin Brady

I won’t be party to the dumbing down

By | December 11th, 2017|Empowerment, Motivation|

I've written about 3 blogs today and finished none of them. Partly because I'm feeling irritated and can't be bothered finishing things, partly because I have sooooo many thoughts and ideas that I jump from one to the other in a seemingly non-sensical way, so I have to keep starting new blogs for the new topics, and the other reason.... the MAIN reason... I don't have the guts to post them. There you have it, I don't have the guts to go ahead and [...]

A Message on Active Allowing & Quantum Physics

By | December 6th, 2017|Transmitted Pieces|

Darling ones, we are here with you now Breath deep and feel the richness of this visceral experience of the breath Here again you expand beyond polarity of the human, mentalised ideas of what is the right and wrong choice to make in any given moment Instead you allow yourself to rest and BE in the zero-point frequency of neutrality. Neutrality is how the human would feel it, but from the perspective of the more refined aspects of your BEINGness – i.e. your higher [...]


By | November 25th, 2017|Empowerment, Inspiration|

When I was in college in many ways I was more ‘hippy’ than what I am now. Now, I would say I am conscious and awake – some would call that hippy – and that’s cool. But back in college I was mainstream hippy. Meaning I wore hemp, I smoked green stuff, I made my own beauty products and I was very concerned about the state of the planet and humanity. VERY. I even considered becoming a politician for the Green Party. And if [...]

I ‘get’ it – but I don’t know how I ‘got’ it!!

By | November 25th, 2017|Empowerment, Transmitted Pieces|

Ever wonder about that? Well in this transmission from the Diamond Frequency Collective, we cover why we sometimes 'get' something but don't know how it is we 'get' it (hint quantum expansion!) and a piano analogy of how we live as our multi-dimensional selves. FUN!! This is my first ever recorded transmission!! I usually transcribe it, however I decided to play with speaking it out. It's something I will continue to practice. You will notice there are alot of spaces and gaps... this is [...]

Mastery & Kilanova’s!!

By | October 20th, 2017|Inspiration, Transmitted Pieces|

I just had a beautiful, heart opening & immensely loving conversation with Master Francis of Assisi - covering mastery & kilanova's! I sat down to meditate & be with my breath today. Something I haven’t done in a couple of weeks actually. When I made the time today I realized part of the reason I hadn’t was that I had fear that my ‘collective’ (higher-self energies & aspects) wouldn’t be there for me. This has been playing out in a few ways to come [...]

WE are the energy & being of transformation

By | October 13th, 2017|Empowerment, Inspiration|

Recently I had the pleasure of needing to ring a call centre for assistance with some information. Most of us will carry some form prepared defensive energy into these phone calls as I’m sure no one is immune to having experienced intense frustration, miscommunication and sheer unhelpfulness in call center scenarios!!   However, at the time I happened to be in a really great mood, and while I did slightly dial the numbers with a sense of foreboding I also knew I would get [...]

Fractals, chakras & you

By | September 10th, 2017|Transmitted Pieces|

A further message on chakra's & integration process <3 Fractals, chakra’s & you "You are in many ways akin to a prism. When you come into to form your light of your being beings to divide and split as you choose to explore different aspects of this reality. This is reflected through the chakric-toroidal fields. Your light beams in and like a prism is split into focus through the various layers of experience that are available here. In response, you then create aspects of your [...]

Support in moving into the ‘final frontier’ of your creator abilities

By | September 9th, 2017|Transmitted Pieces|

A call out to my fellow masters. Those of you who have been quietly (perhaps very secretly!) allowing the presence of your True Self to come to the forefront of your knowing - Well I see you & I love you - take my hand - It's time to Shine <3 Here is a piece I transmitted today that may support you in moving into the 'final frontier' of your creator abilities. This relates to the chakra-toroid fields and the fact that some of us [...]

Re-claiming the language of the divine

By | August 30th, 2017|Empowerment, Inspiration|

I grew up Catholic. Not at all a devout Catholic family, but none the less I went to Catholic school and was exposed to all the teachings of the almighty Church. My experience wasn’t bad, I didn’t have a direct terrible experience with it or feel directly dis-empowered. However, it does carry with it many imprints of belief about who and what you are as a human and as a woman, so yes, I wasn’t immune to that. Imprinting of shame, un-worthiness, sinner and [...]