Roisin Brady is a gifted intuitive, energy reader and consciousness revolutionary. After many years exploring different fields on her ‘search for purpose’ such a personal development, life coaching, spirituality and yoga she awoke to her true soul’s purpose as a Wayshower, Guide and leader of leaders on this evolution of consciousness.

Offering unique readings she brings together her years of experience & personal journey in the self-aware/spiritual fields as well as her innate intuitive and clairsentient gifts to provide soul-ful, specific and activating guidance.

She also provides regular insight and messages of high frequency and expanded consciousness, tune-in & follow her work to receive by-proxy energy upgrades and invitations to re-member who you are.

Her work is suited to only those who are ready to fully & joyfully take responsibility for themselves and the creation of their life!

“We are here to create. And our master piece creation is our very own life. The time is now to fully know, own and act as the true conscious creators that we ARE. This is why we came. We are deep in the process of literally revolutionising our own consciousness from one that was weighted under the limitations of mass consciousness and mental thinking, to one that is embodied and centered in the sovereignty and wisdom of our own sacred heart centre. We are each forging our individual paths, alone and yet together alongside one another we support, guide and explore as the true consciousness revolutionaries that we are.”  Roisin Brady

The Lion’s Gate Portal

By | July 31st, 2017|Purpose, Transmitted Pieces|

Lot's of talk about the Lion's Gate Portal lately, which has already begun in it's 'opening of the highway' that it is offering. I tuned into this today as I've had some awarenesses landing in recent days and this is part of what came through - On the Lion's Gate... "This portal is indeed one that IS within you and within all, and though you traversed the universal plane to 'arrive there' in readiness, as you experienced, that was all from within the stillness [...]

An offering of support during these intense times of change.

By | July 30th, 2017|Inspiration, Purpose, Transmitted Pieces|

An excerpt of one of last week's transmissions (from my higher-self energies) offering retrospective insight into the energetic journey that has been the last few years for me and for many others, some of whom may still be in the midst of it. Sharing with love and as an offering of support during these intense times of change. "...And now it is up to you to again, as you are aware, circle back around to owning yourself in a more clear way as the [...]

When is a cold not just a cold? {When you are a multi-dimensional being of light of course!}

By | July 24th, 2017|Empowerment, Inspiration|

I’ve had an awful cold for the last few days. It’s interesting because I just remarked to someone recently that I haven’t been sick in a long time. I almost said it with a badge of honor, like in my mind I was thinking how aligned I must be for not having been sick. A previous version of me would have taken being sick very literally as a metaphysical prod for me to resolve something. Something that needed addressing, a blocked chakra that needed [...]

A short reminder!

By | July 17th, 2017|Empowerment, Inspiration|

The other day I was feeling super duper expanded and playing in the most delicious frequencies of knowing myself as the god-source creator that I AM. Which I shared about. And now I am sharing the truth that is not a perpetual state! I just today felt very compressed and small and static. While our journey and commitment to it, does indeed lead us to moments of activation and aha's, it is always and forever up to us to choose how we wish to [...]

A Divine Message on the Heart

By | July 12th, 2017|Inspiration, Transmitted Pieces|

A message that came through at the end of May that I feel called to share today... "There is an intensity in the opening of the heart centres from which you can access deeper states and beings of love. Yes, that was correctly translated, Beings of Love - for that is what you are. This results often in confusion for there is still so much embroiled with the concept of love, so much pain and conditions and it can cause people to shut down [...]

Fear-mongering – or why I didn’t forward any recent messages I was asked to

By | July 11th, 2017|Empowerment, Motivation|

If something is fear based, it sets alarm bells off for me. Not because fear is not warranted, there are legitimate things to be fearful of, I'll warrant that. But most of those things are interestingly not at all what you think they are. I.e. what's scary to me about the recent white wash of messenger forwarding is not hacking or hoaxes, but the fact that in this day and age of information era so many blindly accepted as truth, or at least decided [...]

An observation – with a loving kick up the behind

By | July 10th, 2017|Purpose|

When you ask soulful questions, the deep questions, the questions that mean something to you beyond what your conscious mind is constantly worrying about - when you ask those questions - you must be prepared to receive soulful answers! And by soulful answers I mean answers that address the energy signature of your being and the nature of this reality. Which will most likely not lead with a prescription of to do's in order for you to 'find' whatever it is you are looking [...]

Allow – with compassion & grace

By | July 7th, 2017|Inspiration, Transmitted Pieces|

So much can change in a very short space of time... activation is different than laboriously 'working through' your sh*t... which i believe is often a mis-conception in the spiritual world. Here is a transmission from ME (higher self energies) to me, just a few short weeks before I allowed myself to realise the truth of my own gifts of reading energy fields and translating that into words of support & guidance. I didn't work through anything, I just allowed, with compassion, patience and [...]

Source is not outside of you

By | July 4th, 2017|Empowerment|

Source is not outside of you. It's not coming through another and not coming through you also. Deifying any teacher or teachings is in some ways no better than traditional religion. Even if the message is empowering. If you are placing that message, messenger or teacher higher than you, more connected than you, wiser than you, more knowing than you... Then you are again placing 'it' - the answer, the 'source' outside of you and it is not! This took me a while to [...]