Roisin Brady is a gifted intuitive, energy reader and consciousness revolutionary. After many years exploring different fields on her ‘search for purpose’ such a personal development, life coaching, spirituality and yoga she awoke to her true soul’s purpose as a Wayshower, Guide and leader of leaders on this evolution of consciousness.

Offering unique readings she brings together her years of experience & personal journey in the self-aware/spiritual fields as well as her innate intuitive and clairsentient gifts to provide soul-ful, specific and activating guidance.

She also provides regular insight and messages of high frequency and expanded consciousness, tune-in & follow her work to receive by-proxy energy upgrades and invitations to re-member who you are.

Her work is suited to only those who are ready to fully & joyfully take responsibility for themselves and the creation of their life!

“We are here to create. And our master piece creation is our very own life. The time is now to fully know, own and act as the true conscious creators that we ARE. This is why we came. We are deep in the process of literally revolutionising our own consciousness from one that was weighted under the limitations of mass consciousness and mental thinking, to one that is embodied and centered in the sovereignty and wisdom of our own sacred heart centre. We are each forging our individual paths, alone and yet together alongside one another we support, guide and explore as the true consciousness revolutionaries that we are.”  Roisin Brady

Dare to be brilliant

By | July 2nd, 2017|Empowerment|

We’ve all got a sad story, as story of triumph over adversity and we’ve been learning to share that more openly, with more depth and more vulnerability. It’s been the process of dropping the ego to admit to one another that we hurt, to allow ourselves to feel the full impact of our own journey. To come into wholeness and not exclude the very things that make us human. And now we’ve learned to share that story more openly, to be real, to inspire [...]

‘How are you? I’m good, yeah, YOU?’

By | June 27th, 2017|Purpose|

'How are you? I’m good, yeah, YOU?' Spot the deflect?! I am so frickin good at deflecting, so much so I reckon it’s a superpower. I can deflect off myself and no one even realizes that I’ve blatantly avoided answering them in any way and instead what they thought they asked me was, ‘please ask me how I’m doing and then open up a space to listen to me so well that I feel seen and heard like never before’. OK! Which of course [...]


By | June 26th, 2017|Empowerment|

(Plus opportunity to unfriend/unfollow if any of the below offends you and/or you think it's too 'weird' or even worse... you couldn't care less!! In that case, PLEASE do me and you a favour and unfriend NOW!) I've been 'online' for 3 (ahem 4) years. First being a life coach (i did an expensive fancy course and everything!), then more recently being a business coach, since I have a restaurant biz with my partner. However, nothing has really felt like it worked for me. [...]

I can’t do contrived and I won’t

By | June 14th, 2017|Inspiration|

I was just sitting here thinking I really should write something, speak something, get some sort of words and presence into the world today beyond that of just my dogs and the few people I’ve chatted to directly! (Spot the loner - Happy and content loner I might add ) Anyway, there I was writing sentences and words and trying to think hard of something to write, because you know, I’m supposed to. I should have something to say, something of value and something [...]

Confessions of a Spiritual Life Coach

By | June 7th, 2017|Purpose|

What could a life coach have to confess to, I hear you ask? Well considering the wide spread definition of what life coaching is mostly about, it’s something big. It’s a real deal confession, a big ‘ol outing of myself coupled with some real talk about life and ‘what it takes’, or some such very desirable conversation. Ready? Ok. I confess to being (at times) a total and complete (ok, all the time) lazy and irreverent human who despite being a life coach, couldn’t [...]

3 uncommon ways to fall in love with your mornings

By | June 6th, 2017|Motivation|

Ah the morning time. That serene and majestic time of day when the sun slowly and gracefully ascends to shine its light on the world. What truly magical and awe inspiring moment of the day.   Or at least it would be if we were there to witness it, right?!   Because I don’t know about you, but mornings have never been my favorite time of day. None the less with a plethora of books and studies and badasses proving that magic can be [...]

What do you do when you feel angry or pissed off about something?

By | May 30th, 2017|Purpose|

What do you do when you feel angry or pissed off about something? Ignore it? Try and hide it? tell yourself you're over-reacting? Try and be all loving and nice and air-fairy and think your way positive out of it? Yes? That's what I did for a loooong time. And it works to a certain extent. Except for one thing. It creates something else that's probably worse than being angry or pissed off. It creates fear. Internal fear. Fear of yourself. Fear of believing [...]

Why wait for them?!

By | May 10th, 2017|Empowerment|

I've always done my own thing. Even as a kid, I was always happy to do my own thing, forge my own path and decide what I was going to do and do it. I assumed that was just normal that everyone did that and when we were all small kids, we certainly all did do that! And then we all get a bit older and cultural, societal and familial conditioning sets in and perhaps we stop doing our own thing as vigorously as [...]

Would you back yourself as a good investment?

By | May 3rd, 2017|Empowerment, Inspiration|

This is the ultimate question you are asking when you go into business for yourself. Sure there are other elements I suppose you could get caught up in if you really wanted to. Market research, validity of the product, demand for the product, needs of the customer etc etc. And yes, do all of that, or some of that if it feels good and right to do so. But remember that the answers to those questions are not the answer as to whether or [...]