3 uncommon ways to fall in love with your mornings

Ah the morning time. That serene and majestic time of day when the sun slowly and gracefully ascends to shine its light on the world. What truly magical and awe inspiring moment of the day.


Or at least it would be if we were there to witness it, right?!


Because I don’t know about you, but mornings have never been my favorite time of day. None the less with a plethora of books and studies and badasses proving that magic can be created in those first few hours of the day, then perhaps it’s time to get the game face on and fall in love our mornings.


And I’ve got 3 very uncommon ways you can do that. Because maybe you’ve tried it all, maybe you’ve got your alarm clock going off down the bottom of the back yard and you still can’t manage to get yourself out of bed and stay out of bed long enough to create your very own magic inducing morning routine.


Well here we go, for die-hards like us, we’ve got to go deep. We’ve got a life-time of angst with this time of day to overcome and no mere small alarm clock trick will do it alone.


  1. Release the unrealistic conditions you’ve placed on your mornings.


Ok, let’s get real here. Have you decided that for your morning to be the serene picture of a magazine cover you must get up at 4am, have a liver cleanse, drink an unpalatable herbal tea, practice yoga for an hour, meditate and commune with your guide for 20 minutes, engage with the latest breathing technique for 15 minutes and then work on writing that book using the Pomodoro allotted 25-minute focus zone technique?!


I may be slightly going over-board there but you get my drift. We’ve been overloaded with the right and perfect thing to do in the morning to maximize health, success and focus. And what happens when you get an overload of information and correct things to do? The opposite of focus. Distraction and indecision. So, it’s easier to stick to the old way, the known way. Except it’s not, because that’s slowly boring a hole of disappointment in your soul.


So drop all the conditions and pick ONE. One thing you want to commit to. One thing you feel drawn to. One thing that feels like it could be the easiest thing for you to do and then commit to doing it. Start to make the change and allow the momentum to carry you into bigger changes with time.


Set yourself up to succeed.



  1. Love it up

Right, here’s a little trickster and simple and practical one for you. Make getting up feel yummy. Get a shower gel that smells delish, buy a new cosy robe, upgrade to more luxurious brand of coffee, whatever small incentive you can give yourself to get out of your warm bed, you deserve it. Your life deserves it. And trust me if you allow it to work for you, it will return its investment tenfold.

3. Life is hard matrix


This is the big one. This is the crux of it all right here. Forget 1 and 2.


There is a very solid and very well anchored belief system that decrees that life is hard. And I’m pretty sure you’ve grown up in it and found yourself drawn back into its web no matter how much you’ve tried to escape it. Because if there is one thing I know, is that not wanting to get up in the morning is a SYMPTOM.
It’s a symptom of believing that life is hard, what’s the point, there’s not much to live for anyway. And any variation of those phrases that float around presenting themselves in all sorts of forms from all sorts of people and loved ones in our life, including ourselves. All of this can play out in your energy field EVEN if you have a great life.


Your job is to cut the ties and release yourself from this matrix so you can wake up and feel a sense of privilege and excitement that you get to enjoy another day on earth.


How do you do that?


Reframe – you don’t have to, you get to. How many times do you say things like, I have to walk the dogs, or I have to have lunch now, or I have to get to a meeting. Change it up, reframe it. There may be a few things in your life that feel like a have to, but there are many more that will be a get to and you’ve turned them into a have to. Take stock. What do you get to do? And how exciting is that?!


Activate – activate your days. So if the morning is a symptom of being in the life is hard matrix, it stands to reason that chances are you are not creating something worthy of being excited about on a day to day basis. You need to activate your day. Remember you don’t have to fit everything into your 40-minute power success morning session. You can fill your day, fill the spaces in-between in your day with those life enhancing practices and things you love. It’s up to you to actively bring your day, and thus your life to life!


Groundhog Day – Routine is great, it’s solid and it can allow a lot of space for creativity. But what if your routine is simply one of getting it done? Getting through? Reaching the end so you can ‘relax’? Have you got a Groundhog Day life on your hands? If so, don’t panic! It happens to us all at times. One simple, very simple way to change this is to add in one new hobby. Just one! One class a week, one outing a week, one thing you’ve felt inspired to try but haven’t. It’s amazing what adding one new thing will do for your life.


Life is good – adopt this simple and effective mantra. Life is good. And remind yourself often and allow yourself the gift in those moments of really feeling it. Look at what you are doing, the moment you are experiencing and affirm Life IS good!


And remember, the morning is precious so choose something simple and uplifting to nourish and inspire you and then go out and create a whole day worthy of falling love with and waking up to with joy!


  1. Feel too overwhelmed with what was in this piece? Pick one thing, that’s all and stick with it for a week, and see what small but impactful change occurs in you.


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