4. Life Coach Training… Getting it Done V Enjoying it

Homework time! Yes, I have homework and assignments and study to do. Initially I got the old feeling of ‘oh so much to do, just get it done’, but then I thought again – Why are you embarking on this new career? I am doing it because its a subject I am passionate about, I’m good at it and I really enjoy it. So why do I want to rush through and just get it done for the sake of ticking it off the list?! This whole idea of getting it done could really take away from why I am actually being a coach, as well as the enjoyment factor and of course that in my haste I may forget that my intention is to learn!

I thought about the impact I’ve had on my productivity when I do take the attitude of ‘get it done’ and I know that that works really well for me too. But when I thought about it some more I realised the subtle difference between being motivated which results in productivity and the attitude of ‘I just need to get this finished’. Yes, I can always use more motivation for myself in terms of just ‘starting’ but I certainly don’t want to bring an element of ‘get it done and out of the way’ because what will I really learn from that? And is that the energy I want to put forth into my work… it doesn’t feel very joyous and fun! After all I don’t really see it as work so why buy into that old thinking that I’ve brought through from school, college, work etc?

Yes, I can choose again, I can let go of those old beliefs…. they weren’t mine to begin with anyway! So I shifted my perspective on the assignements and study and have begun to allow myself really BE the student in my own life on a daily basis. Forgetting about finishing up, handing in and being one step closer to completion, and instead recognising the value in taking the time to really feel into, open up and experience what is here for me to learn.

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