{52Wks3} 2018!!! Uh… Now what??!!

It’s already the 2nd here and now as I write this, perhaps it’s later again as you read it.
Gosh, new year energy can be conflicting, don’t you think?

I mean there is the fresh slate feeling, anything is possible, hopeful anticipation… which all feels great! We imagine, we envision, we decide a million things are going to change and we are going to suddenly do all the do’s we usually skip over.

Yeah!! New year! Of course! I can do it all!!

Except, one minor thing… did you leave you in 2017? or did you come along into 2018 with all those desires and freshly decided changes?

Because if you came with you into 2018, which you must have, otherwise who is reading this? With you here, who is it that is going to do the transforming? You? the you who has set quite possibly the same version of new year inner-resolutions for as long as you remember?

And how’s that going?! To be brutally honest… mine is not so good!

Still, after a good lifetime of ‘deciding to change’, still I sleep late, still I faff, still I procrastinate, still I wait, still I tell myself I’ll do xyz and I don’t.

Why? Because I feel like we don’t change. Ever.

Now before you think I’m pouring a bucket of cold water over your dreams, I’m not!
We don’t change and what if that is a good thing?

Still I do all that stuff, or one could say, still I don’t do…. and yet…. Here I am.

Interesting right. What is it you are saying you ‘don’t do’ and yet HERE you are?

And by HERE I mean your perspective, your awareness, your essence. Here in this expanded place.

So often I see from others (and myself), this idea that we haven’t moved at all, or we’ve moved back-wards. And it’s simply not true.

We have moved, light years, in terms of frequency. I know that may seem like it sounds cryptic, but let me put it this way…. what do you now know, understand and perceive differently and more expandedly than you did, say 3 years ago?!

Quite a bit I imagine!

Even though you still haven’t managed to ‘be consistent’ with that thing, or those many things you’ve convinced yourself are required for forward motion. Yet, you have moved forward, right?!

And this is what I mean by we don’t change. The aspect of us that we are so desperately trying to change, is not ever going to change. The more we try to change it, the more it will decidedly not want to change.

However – We – as in the collective ‘we’ of ALL of the energy of you is still moving you forward.

You haven’t changed AND yet you have. In fact haven’t you changed TREMENDOUSLY?!

Can you see how much? Can you feel how much?

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, that’s WHO YOU ARE. And somehow, that unending part of you is slowly but surely making it’s way even further into your reality, which is magic! Totally magcially awesome.

But not good enough apparantly, because here we are disappointed that we haven’t managed to get up at 5.30 am everyday for the last 5 years!!

You see the unending part of you has no interest in changing you. You want to change you. Your unending magical self wants to join the party. Wants to be allowed on the field with you, wants to play the game and doesn’t want you to change.

But can you guess what happens when you let YOU in?

Your magical, unending self wants to live life. Imagine!! An aspect of your energy that want’s to LIVE life so fully & boldly that if you allow it forward into your life you don’t have to change anything.


How? Of course the how! So, here is a transmission I had with my Collective on this very topic –

‘Why do we feel stuck?’

“You feel stuck because of the density of being in form. The density of being human means you are slower than the rate of your thought frequency, which even though you may have limiting throughs , they are still a more refined & faster frequency than your physical self because they are not form. And you are form.

So this density of being in form is at odds with the speed of how you think, conceptualise and desire. For those things you can access and experience instantaneously, and yet the form of being human, being in materialization, does not play to the same rate or speed of expression.
For it is the form that follows the initial concept… that initial concept which must first be created by a consciousness – ie. One of you
Even in this translation, you are receiveing ALL of the information at once and you ‘get it’, however you then have to slow down to allow yourself to translate. Which irritates you!
Because you, lots of you, are more used to being in the layers of etheric fields around you rather than in your body.
As you resist the density i.e. Being fully HERE in your life, you resist the full experience of human-ness.
However, as you have caught a glimpse of discovering, the irony is that the resistance is in the ‘one-foot in each world game’ and when you surrender to the full housing of your energy into the form or uni-form you have choosen i.e your body, the allowing truly begins.
The more you allow your true self to come into the body and experience of human, the more you in turn activate the body into it’s higher frequency range of itself which is more of a match for the higher frequency range of Self.
3d to 5d. 3d density of form- heaviness, stuckness, internal dis-onance. 5d – refined, light consciousness in harmonic resonance with form.
One activates the other. The elevated consciousness in order to stay in form must at some point activate the body – the dormant DNA you have heard about and as this happens for some of you the experience will be a worsening in some way of pain body symptoms as the density housed in cellular structure is purged as it transforms into the butterfly if you will.
You see the body IS very much capable of such transformations – however it is not so much an outward ‘look’ transformation, but more of an internal upgrade of the functioning systems and their ability to exist harmoniously as a uni-fied one. In your uni-form.

HOW do we allow in the Higher ranges of Self?
Slow down and feel your own presence. Allow that presence to move you. YOU to move you.

The slowing down will help you to match your frequency to your expanded self, for while your expanded self is ‘moving’ at a faster speed than you, slowing down, not speeding up will assist in the merging of frequency.

For example


If you are a lower frequency train track, which is inherently chaotic and ‘out of control’ and we are a speeding train on a higher frequency track then it is very tricky for you to allow your faster train to merge onto your ‘track’.

And even if it eventually does, it will be more of a collision than a merging, which is often what happens when you feel your world ‘falling apart’ YOU (higher-self) is attempting to merge into your reality.

However if you regularly slow the frenetic speed of your out of control train, then it is much easier for you to perceive & feel your own presence and then act on the guidance you receive.
Slow down and slightly angle your trajectory toward your Self, and this can be done by being in your own neutral field of breathing in presence and your Self will meet you much faster than you can anticipate in a much smoother merging of the higher ranges into your reality. And thus a created experience of your true hearts desires.”

There you have it! To summarize you don’t change. You allow the true you to come into your life and BE YOU.

My New Year’s resolution? To slow down daily so that I receive in mySELF and maybe that SELF will want to start getting up at 5am, or maybe she won’t…. !

What’s yours?

And what does ‘slowing down’ look like for you?

Roisin and the Diamond Frequency Collective xoxo

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