7. Life Coach Training…. The end is just the begining!

It’s official – I am a certified Life Coach. 12 months of classes, course work and, of course, coaching and now I’m certified, woo hoo!

Done, accomplished, finished, wrapped up…. certified…

Sooooo, what now?!

Indeed! Well from where I was standing last year, the big challenge ahead of me was life coach training, and at times it was a challenge. Scheduling in my very first ever coaching session and then actually having to show up and do it – as the coach! And then there was the second session and the third session and beyond; and still  I was nervous.

Because in coaching, every session is different.

There is no template to follow, or set questions to ask, it’s about being there present in the moment and being open to whatever needs to be said, questioned or brought up. Being ok with not knowing what was going to happen or what I was going to ‘do’ or ‘say’ was (and still is) a bit of a challenge. As was juggling all my other commitments around studying and completing things to required standards in a set time frame.

But from where I am now, all of that seems not challenging at all!

Now it’s time to build a coaching practice. And that is actually the real begining of BE-ing a coach.

Since becoming certified and looking forward to what I want and how I want to get there, I’ve come to see how much of a safety net doing the course actually was. Because in fact it was easy to use it to hide behind at times. Instead of saying “I’m a coach” or ‘my passion is coaching’, I could say ‘I’m training to be a coach’, as though it was a part-time hobby or general interst, when in fact it IS my life passion. Or worse of all the fact that I was training was an excuse to not mention it at all!

But the most bestest thing about being a student was that I didn’t have to ask for money. I had it all figured out, I told myself and others the value exchange was there because I was gaining the coaching hours and practice (which of course was true) that I needed for my course. Yes, I was ‘officially’ training but, actually I’ve been ‘training’ in this stuff for years, about 10 years, so I already had a wealth of info and knowledge and experiences to draw from in my sessions.

After a fourth session with a client, why was I still hiding behind the student cover?!


That’s the question and challenge I have ahead of me now. Now that I’m certified, the ‘what next?’ for me is to BE a working coach. Yes, by working I mean one that gets paid, not one that wakes up on a Monday morning and doesn’t want to go to work!

In order to do that I have to finally have the guts, and more importantly the self-worth and belief to recognise that after 9 years exploration in personal development, spirituality, mindset and consciousness and 12 months official training as a life coach, I am good at what I do, actually I’m great at it.

But it’s not just me that’s great. Coaching IS.

Coaching really does change people’s lives and bring about extraordinary things. When you sit down regularly with someone for an hour and you both pour all your focus and energy into YOUR life and the creation of it, then it really is a no brainer – amazing things will happen.

The most amazing things are not actually physical things happening (although things will happen!), what’s really amazing is when an internal shift happens, a change of perspective, an opening up, an aha moment. THAT’s when real change happens and that’s when change in your life is sustained with greater ease and flow.

It’s what I love most about coaching and that’s the experience I want people to have at least once, because without that experience how can you ever know what coaching is really about, or ever know what being coached can do for your life? It’s simple, you can’t!

But what if even one session could change something so deeply for you?

What would that be? And what could that mean for your life?

Well here is your opportunity to find out.

2015 is a new begining for us all, and since it’s also the begining of my coaching career I’m celebrating by sharing this work with you and the world. I’ve put together a new year gift – an Envisioning 2015 Clarity Session. Follow the link now to find out how to book your session.

I’m excited to see what we can create in 2015, and I’m ready for my new begining – are you?!




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