A Divine Message on the Heart

A message that came through at the end of May that I feel called to share today…

“There is an intensity in the opening of the heart centres from which you can access deeper states and beings of love. Yes, that was correctly translated, Beings of Love – for that is what you are.

This results often in confusion for there is still so much embroiled with the concept of love, so much pain and conditions and it can cause people to shut down and be reminded of all the reasons why not to love, both others and themselves.

Allowing emotion to move through the heart fully and unrestrained at this time will assist in the unfurling and opening greatly. This is the river, allowing the flow of every stagnant emotion which will soften the heart and invite it to gently open. The water, sometimes in tears, that softens and wears down the walls and the rock.

Allow it expression without need to attach to a reason.
And if your reaction may seem out of proportion to the circumstance trust that this is simply the gate opening to allow through other un-nameable and un-identifiable emotions.

All of which will be liberated and give way to the knowing and presence held so tightly and yet precariously behind the walls of the heart. Allow them to fall.

Love is not a concept with conditional attachments, love is a state of being, a presence un-ending….”

Roisin xoxo

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