Darling ones, we are here with you now

Breath deep and feel the richness of this visceral experience of the breath

Here again you expand beyond polarity of the human, mentalised ideas of what is the right and wrong choice to make in any given moment

Instead you allow yourself to rest and BE in the zero-point frequency of neutrality.
Neutrality is how the human would feel it, but from the perspective of the more refined aspects of your BEINGness – i.e. your higher self this is the timeless presence of being.

From this state of being or frequency, you then allow THAT aspect of YOU to inform the choices you make and be the framework of identity that carries out the choice into action. In other words, you allow the more refined ranges of light that you are to begin to move in form in this reality.

The reason ACTIVE allowing is such a good description of the epitomy of the truth of allowing is that it gives the human aspect, that so desperately wants something to DO, something to DO!

What is it that you are your human self are being given to DO?

Actively ALLOW the refined light aspects of your beingness into your decision-making process and in essence your living-creating-process aka your life

You do this by handing over your habitual patterns of movement, choices, decision, regular day to day beingness and doingness in the world to your higher self frequencies, or as we have offered today the more refined particles of light that you BE beyond that of the human density of self you have believed yourself to be.

This is the true meaning and expression of “I surrender to thine will”

It is not an externalized all powerful god that you are surrendering your will to, but your own god frequency of zero-point consciousness that you ARE, i.e. the sovereign creator of a reality that is solely and uniquely yours. (albeit one that intersects with other aspects of source – also given full sovereignty of the god frequency of zero-point consciousness that you ALL Are)

It is called the zero point for it – YOU – are literally the source of creation, the beginning point if you will, from which all creation stems from and then continually feeds itself and sources from your own creation. The toroidal field of zero-point consciousness.

If in doubt about the meaning of this – you all have a materialized version of this in form. Your heart. The source of where all life begins and continually feeds back into itself perpetually creating life from within its own source field of sovereign life-force-consciousness.

And so, it is the ranges of self that KNOW and understand these truths of your being that are asking now to come forward into your reality to experience earthly form alongside the human self who feels lost in the quagmire of density and disconnected mentallised looping.

For without the inclusion of the most integral piece of materialized reminder of your zero-point god frequency – the heart – you human will not FEEL the support, guidance and presence of the refined YOU that exists now in a higher frequency of consciousness which naturally knows and sees all of this for it is YOUR true state of being.

To actively allow one must ALLOW the answers, choices, decisions, movements, creations source from the higher ranges of who you are. And you do this by expanding beyond your tight grip on polarity of choice and judgement that you have been trained into in this dense reality that is DESIGNED for exactly that experience.

Please understand that what you are achieving with this is mesmerizing from our perspective. For you are literally existing in a reality that is heavily designed to keep you locked in polarization for you wanted the game of remembering to be one that was not easily ‘figured’ out! Otherwise the entire earthly experiment of separation from your true source would have ‘failed’ in its design and intention.

How do you actively allow?
By exactly what you and many others have been engaged in over a number of linear years, though from our perspective this has been a blink of the eye for time, as you know it, does not exist HERE.

It is in allowing these refined ranges of your beingness into your reality where you will begin to experience what is known as quantum jumping and timeline changes. For when you exist in and AS frequency your reality changes, morphs, materializes and de-materialises to match your zero-point creational consciousness. And this is outside of the dense elements of the time-space continuum as you have come to experience and learn it in this lifetime.

The reason for this is that the density that you exist in does not allow for quantum (non-linear) experience. For you and the others have densified into a lower frequency where it cannot occur and so the reality around you will match that frequency.

For example, with the science of quantum physics that scientists are now studying. The particles behave differently under the same experimental conditions. They behave in a quantum fashion i.e. a non linear fashion – cause and effect are not occurring in the same way you have come to understand them to occur in this dense reality. The reason for these particles ability to behave in this fashion – while IN this dense reality, is because they are also Quantum – as in – tiny in nature – miniscule particles. So, their very structure defies this reality as they have not yet densified into restricted form of 3rd dimensional consciousness.

Therefore, they can behave this way and defy the odds of the ‘understood’ nature of reality. They are operating at a more refined range of reality, where more possibilities exits – why? Because it is less dense – more fluid. And this, THIS is what you and many others have been allowing yourself to come to EXPERIENCE. And note we say EXPERIENCE, for you do not have to KNOW the details of the HOW of this in order to ascend and expand through frequency to exist as the consciousness that you ARE in this more refined state of light.

Although this is few amount of words – you can feel the gravity of this truth, along with the somewhat simplicity of the explanation.
We are the Diamond Light Frequency of Consciousness of Roisin, thank YOU for receiving this transmission.