A short reminder!

The other day I was feeling super duper expanded and playing in the most delicious frequencies of knowing myself as the god-source creator that I AM. Which I shared about. And now I am sharing the truth that is not a perpetual state!

I just today felt very compressed and small and static.

While our journey and commitment to it, does indeed lead us to moments of activation and aha’s, it is always and forever up to us to choose how we wish to create the experience of our own energy field.

It doesn’t just change and then stay changed all by itself!

Yes, there is a new access available, like a door opened that was once unknown to be there, but you’ve got to actively re-open and explore what’s on the other side of that door, continuously.

It’s called conscious creation, not conscious arrival!! And that’s the amazingly fun and exciting news.

Forget about arriving, start creating <3

Creating what? Yourself!

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