Are you ready to breakthrough your self-imposed limitations, unlock your vision and create yourself in a way that is a reflection of your true souls purpose?!

If you answered with a BIG YES then welcome!

Pull up a pew, let’s talk, because we’ve got serious stuff to BE and DO with this creation called life.

I’m Roisin Brady Wayshower, Intuitive Guide & Divine De-coder. I help independent, purpose driven beings like you uncover your inner-souls clarity, break through your small human BS, AND FULLY OWN yourself as the expansive creator being that you ARE. Which includes taking responsibility for actively creating YOURSELF as the person/divine being who IS on purpose, passion-fueled and soul-aligned with your life.

Because You are meant to feel purposeful, to follow your passions and to feel excited about what you do and how you live your life.

Life is MEANT to be felt.

Life want’s to be loved, to be fulfilled, to be truly purposefully LIVED.

And how serendipitous that YOU WANT THAT TOO.

So here you are. LIFE and YOU.

BOTH of you wanting deep soul satisfying life experiences, and true expression of the success of your BEING.

So….. What are you going to do??!

Because THAT is what you are here to experience.

And THAT is what you can create your life to be.

But it might be completely different to what ‘think’ it will look like!

How do I know?

Let me guess… these are some of the questions you’ve asked yourself for as long as you can remember…

What’s it ALL about?

What am I MEANT to do with my life?

What’s my BIG Purpose?

Am I the only one who thinks like this?!

I Just KNOW that something else is possible, that the dream is possible.

But HOW do I begin to create that life that I know is POSSIBLE?

I know, because I asked all of that and more. And the good news is; which you already know or suspect – is that it really IS possible!

You life, your way.

It’s your creation and life certainly wants you to create it otherwise you wouldn’t be here (alive that is), so you can have it any damn way you please (with the caveat that it’s aligned with your soul!)

Do you believe me?!

Are you furiously nodding in agreement or are you hoping that perhaps I am right, but not fully allowing yourself to believe it?

Either way, it’s true. Because that’s what I KNOW, and for the very reason that I know it so deeply, then THAT is exactly what IS TRUE for me and my life.

But you… YOU have to DECIDE for YOURSELF.

What are you going to believe?

And quite probably, you’ve already decided. In fact I’m willing to bet that you didn’t even have to decide to believe this. The fact is you’ve ALWAYS KNOWN this.

You’ve always known there was some big secret about life and that you were definitely going to figure it out.

So what’s the big secret?

Well, I’ve actually already given that away….. but here it is again.

You are IT.

Maybe I didn’t say exactly that, but I have been inferring it in basically EVERYTHING I ever write, speak or share with the world! So yeah, if you’re going to hang around me, then best get used to hearing that one!

What does it ACTUALLY mean?

It means the buck stops with you. It means you get to create this whole show. It means that whatever you want you can have. It means whoever you want to be, you can be. It means you are limited only by what you believe to be true. It means if you let go of all the crap you’ve accumulated about what needs to happen for you to live a life of purpose, passion and soulful success then you are actually LIMITLESS.

AWESOME, right?!

Of course to accept this, you have to ACCEPT THIS.

And accepting you are the ONLY PERSON who is responsible for EVERYTHING in your life is actually often easier said then done. 🙂 It means it’s NEVER anyone else’s fault, it means you’re NEVER a victim in ANYTHING, it means if you have something in your life you don’t want then you have it there for a reason, albeit unconsciously.

Because you don’t half-create. If you create/manifest/attract (whatever you want to call it) all the good stuff, then you sure as hell create all the not so good stuff.

You either ARE or your NOT.


That’s the good news, that’s the GREAT NEWS. That’s the scream from the rooftops, declare yourself the master of your own universe, ultimate empowerment, total super-hero-magician news.

So yeah. Get excited!

Let’s face it you probably are pretty excited right now. Because you are saying to yourself “I KNEW IT!” or perhaps your even saying “Yeah I Know it already” in which case awesome, but also ARE YOU FULLY LIVING IT?!

If so, GREAT!

Stick around, get in touch, I LOVE having fellow self-declared conscious creators to hang out with.

If you’re not quite fully living it, then woohoo too!

Stick around, get in touch, I LOVE having about-to-be/wanting-to-be/secretly are, self-declared conscious creators to hang out with!


If you GET THIS, then you GET ME, and WE GET EACH OTHER.

We have a responsibility to hang out more 🙂

So let’s do it! Either join me on FB, join my email community (find the box somewhere on my website), or email me directly and say hi! ([email protected])

PS>>> I will ALWAYS be talking, walking & being conscious creation from the inside out. So if you want to be blasted with the reminder that you are an amazing powerful creator who can access your own abilities & create your life exactly as you want it AND it can be wildly successful and deeply soul satisfying then you definitely want stick around for that! No brainer!