Allow – with compassion & grace

So much can change in a very short space of time… activation is different than laboriously ‘working through’ your sh*t… which i believe is often a mis-conception in the spiritual world. Here is a transmission from ME (higher self energies) to me, just a few short weeks before I allowed myself to realise the truth of my own gifts of reading energy fields and translating that into words of support & guidance. I didn’t work through anything, I just allowed, with compassion, patience and trust.

Lots of love to you and a reminder to allow with compassion your journey to be it’s full glorious drama!

“Your question for us now is as to why you have so much been in and out of your own state of feeling present and sure and ready for what you say you want …

Well you are ready, and you are not, it is both. Because you have within you the parts of you that feel that they are not ready and you cannot invalidate them either. But you must realise that they potentially will never feel ready and so if they are your primary focus to get ready then you must realise that you may never get ready.

And you do not want that even though they maybe do.

Coaxing them is a good method for they will continue to present themselves to you for recognition and agreement and it is up to you to either choose to sit and have tea with them and join them or whether you coax them or indeed coach them into feeling more aligned with you.

And we know that they may feel overpowering at times to you and so you feel as though you fully have joined in the party of not ready yet, not good enough yet, and that is because you have. For they are you and you have chosen to give voice and credit to that aspect of you.

And that is ok, but you can love you without necessarily joining you. Just like you love others who are staying in limited consciousness, though you do not join them there. You simply love and acknowledge them for where they are based on what they have experienced and you can validate them and accept their right to be there and feel that way without negating the fact that they could also choose to be other than that, they could also choose a more expanded perspective and that either has just as much validity and more.

Do you see? Drink your tea with your aspects and let them speak as indeed you already did yesterday and today, however letting them speak does not mean you join them or even believe them or even feel the need to educate them to think or feel any different. Let them speak and then like a friend you can only spend some time with, leave them be and head off into your life knowing you can be there to listen to them on another day and time.”

Roisin xoxo

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