An observation – with a loving kick up the behind

When you ask soulful questions, the deep questions, the questions that mean something to you beyond what your conscious mind is constantly worrying about – when you ask those questions – you must be prepared to receive soulful answers!

And by soulful answers I mean answers that address the energy signature of your being and the nature of this reality. Which will most likely not lead with a prescription of to do’s in order for you to ‘find’ whatever it is you are looking for.

The later is a response to a mentally asked question coming from a place of needing to know what to do. Asking a soulful question and receiving a mentalised response will leave you feeling even more dis-illusioned than before.

Probably not in the instant that you receive it, though! Because your mind will grab onto something that you can DO, and so you will feel like you got an answer. And you’ll decide on your new routine, you’ll set yourself up and believe that this time it will be different.

But trust me, as soon as you prove to yourself that you can’t do what it was you were meant to do because you can’t follow through, it doesn’t feel right and you again feel imprisioned by your own restrictions of ‘must do’s’ – you’ll realise that answer that you thought was ‘the answer’ did nothing other than temporarily circumnavigate your heart and soul for the brief, but empty taste of progress or productivity that comes from mind oriented activities.

You have to let the mind off the hook when asking and receiving soulful answers/insights/information. Because your linear conscious mind cannot compute with a soulful answer!

It will de-value, dis-credit and try it’s darndest to dis-prove the validity of your soulful guidance, all the while your heart and soul will be nodding their heads and sighing sighs of relief and knowing. And you would feel this too if you would simply allow them to sit in the front row, rather than your over-eager mind that doesn’t have the credentials to process such advanced information.

That’s the truth of it. Your heart and soul and the places you process information beyond that of the linear mind that needs to know what to do, is far more advanced than we allow ourselves to believe. And we are asking the wrong equipment to process it! You have to breath and allow what is coming to you to reach places within you that don’t need to know exactly a to b to c.

And it’s deceptively simple. Advanced information de-coded in a deceptively simple way. By the resonance within you.

Because the information doesn’t come just from ‘out there’. The term ‘meeting of minds’ comes up here to convey what happens – with the upgrade of ‘meeting of hearts’. The information meets you and resonates within from your own deep rooted knowing. That is how you allow yourself to process the truth of what you are receiving. But you can’t be in a place of frantic search and grabbing of something to ‘do’ because again that is using the wrong piece of equipment!

The something to ‘do’ comes on the back of the received guidance, whether that guidance is from yourself or another. And it won’t be a linear plan, or set routine – it will be some inspired and soulful action that you can take that will yield more results, both in terms of your experienced frequency and your physical results, than a months worth of sticking to your plan ‘because that’s what you must do’.

There is nothing that you must do. And the more you lead in your life with your soulful, heart-connected energy, the more you will feel, see, know and experience the truth of liberating yourself from finding the next ‘do this’ answer. And instead be open to receive, connected, soulful wisdom & guidance.


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