An offering of support during these intense times of change.

An excerpt of one of last week’s transmissions (from my higher-self energies) offering retrospective insight into the energetic journey that has been the last few years for me and for many others, some of whom may still be in the midst of it. Sharing with love and as an offering of support during these intense times of change.

“…And now it is up to you to again, as you are aware, circle back around to owning yourself in a more clear way as the god-creator self that you are. You have had an interesting and deeply healing, in the sense of releasing of energetic charges within you, recent years of journey and softening into your whole self.

And it was a necessary one that you have explored thoroughly. For moving forward into more of yourself is in fact very much the same as moving through the dimensional ranges, to be in the higher ranges is to include the lower ranges, i.e. within the self, for without them there is the cut-off of the foundation of being – a more hollow experience.

Which is what you were feeling when you decided to detour away from LoA in the way you felt you were being taught to explore with it. And now you spiral back from a place of greater wholeness and a recognition of the folly of cutting off aspects of you in favour of manifesting something deemed ‘wanted’ by the ego and personality of you who is seeking every road out of discomfort.

And now you know you no longer fear your own dis-comfort and have indeed brought much love and acceptance to the various places within you that you had attempted to cut off.

Now that you feel a sense of completeness with that phase as you have demonstrated through allowing more of your access to YOU and US through, you are thoroughly ready vibrationally to expand now into greater reaches of your creational focus and active creator self.

No longer are you in hibernation or incubation in order to cocoon the self to explore the furtherest reaches of yourself that felt so dark and scary and unsure. You can see now, as you have experienced that they have not dis-appeared, and yet you are able to function at a much higher frequency since you have allowed them to be honored and held as part of your divine experiment into self as form.

And it was in doing that that released them from the energetic prison that you had housed them in and in doing so had housed the totality of yourself in also.

This is why liberating your aspects and bringing them into the fold of your heart in a compassionate and conscious way is so vital to expanding further. For it epitomises the release of yourself from that energetic restriction.

Just like restricting the flow of blood to a limb would eventually cut-off all access to that and render your body less capable of experiencing the fullness of it’s capacities, so too if you cut-off aspects of yourself you render your experience of who you are to one that is limited.

So it is a complete and natural and sincerely important exercise and experience of energetic integration that you have allowed yourself to go through in the fullness of time that was required by you. And you note now that that fullness of time was in no way decided upon by your conscious human self. A self who always deeply desires to move forward with great speed and to generate a sense of progress. The fullness of time was exactly how long it took for you to fully surrender to yourself and then allow the fractals or jig-saw pieces of you to come back together in such a way as to render your vibrational state and consciousness more available to the higher frequencies of your own self.

Be very pleased and proud and honored that you have journeyed this far and also accepting that in time, further charges may need to be liberated to allow for more expansion, though you can anticipate that the sense of endlessness, emptiness and confusion will not repeat itself unless you choose to play in those frequencies that dis-count your connection to the truth of your being as that of the god-source that you are.”

Lot’s of love,
Roisin xox

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