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Roisin Brady is a gifted intuitive & energy reader with a passion for big visions. A spiritual seer with a business brain and a soul-ful heart, she is unparalleled as a coach & intuitive.After many years exploring different fields on her ‘search for purpose’ such a personal development, life coaching, spirituality, yoga & numerous business ventures she awoke to her true soul’s purpose as a leader of leaders. Here to support those of you with big visions, inspiring gifts and ideas that will change the world.Offering energetic readings & bespoke coaching packages she brings together her years of experience in spirituality, her innate intuitive & claircognizant gifts AND her practical business experience to provide unique support to the leaders of a new paradigm.
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Can you see the trees for the wood in your life?

Can you see the trees for the wood in your life? I know, I know. Traditionally that saying is the other way around, but stay with me. This is going somewhere. For months I’ve been saying “I have a vision….. It’s got trees in it.” Kind of as a joke, as I've always had a [...]

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Un-Hinge Your Worth

Un-Hinge Your Worth When nothing is left - When you feel the weight of failure The weight of fraud The weight of dreams un-met Of tasks undone Of accomplishment unseen And accolades unmade When nothing is left - No trappings to cling to No success to hang from No title to claim No validation [...]

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Grief & Tears – what’s happening energetically..

What's REALLY happening energetically when we experience these emotions and why it's so important, if you want to create change, to embrace it.....

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Let me tell you a story about a dog. My dog. Monty. My dream dog I called him. Because that is how he came to be with me. Through a dream. At the time of this dream I was having a twenty-something ‘mid-life’ crisis. I had just decided I would stay in New Zealand, which [...]

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Hitting ‘Unbelievable’ Goals…

Things were not going well. In fact, they were pretty dismal. 

It was on the edge, the knife edge of is this going to work? Praying for a busy season to get back on track and attempt to get ahead..... By that stage I had stepped right back. I was no longer pulling double shifts, [...]

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