Go BE-YOUND the labels of life, the parts of you that have BOUND your whole soul into roles that you must play.

BE-YOuND is where you find the timeless signature that is YOU.

BE-YOND this realm of form that we perceive in front us. We are so much more.

BE YOU ~ GO BE-YOND ~ UN-BOUND yourself, because you are BOUND to BE YOU

I’m going fully IN beyond, because this is how WEIRD I AM!

I ponder words, meanings, consciousness of words and ways of being with those words.

Yes, this is ME.

BOLD, “out there”(which is really ‘in there’), with something unique and valuable to say and share with the world and I AM going BE-YOUND my own self-imposed restrictions (which is a DAILY task!) to allow my true expression into this realm of form that we have come to play and create in.

Because this ‘stuff’ IS REAL.

And YOU (soul you) are calling out to you (human you) to SEE just how much more there is to play with on this adventure called life.

Roisin xoxo