Light-hearted and amusing at times, as well as deeply insightful, ‘Look Again! Fresh Perspectives for Your Awakening’ delivers just that – new and expanded perspectives for approaching life. These unique view points, taken from everyday occurrences, offer powerful and conscious ways of living daily life. From money, to creativity, relationships, others opinions, technology and even stones in your shoe, this original collection of writings will challenge you to think differently, see differently and to always look again! Because there is more to every situation than we first perceive. Take your awakening further and discover the life empowering and life changing reframes your consciousness demands.

Look Again

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Delivering cosmic answers to common questions, ‘What You Didn’t Want to Hear But Needed To’ is a collection of specially selected client intuitive readings, as well as messages channeled by & for the author. Encapsulating many deep and revealing understandings of energy & consciousness, this book will astound with it’s simple wisdom alongside complex explanations of the nature of reality. Addressing commonplace questions we all have about our life, loves & paths, you will find insight, re-assurance & mind-bending guidance on life as an awakening human. Activation into expanded dimensions guaranteed!

What You Didn't Want to Hear But Needed To

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2x Book Special

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Workbooks – Including Guided Audios

Take yourself and your business to the next level with this deeply practical & soul-full business workbook. Elevate yourself beyond working the ‘job’ of your business to being the visionary creator of a prosperous enterprise. One that sets ‘unbelievable’ goals and then meets them easily, one that flourishes financially, one that impacts the world in hugely positive ways, one that builds an inclusive and exciting culture and one that sets a high standard for business in the new consciousness. You may not have realised yet, but you are a visionary, and every visionary needs a visionary blueprint…..

With this workbook, journey in detail through uncovering your true business vision, revealing your standards of excellence and setting soul-aligned goals that actually work. It’s time to say goodbye to struggle, old ways of doing things, playing games with money and hiding your head in the sand about what your business really needs and wants from you. Yes, it’s time to thrive as the head of your conscious, soulful and abundant enterprise!

Business Blueprint Workbook with Guided Audio

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Discover how to unleash the clarity you crave, feel excited about your future and move yourself forward with direction & certainty. ‘The Purpose-ologist’s Guide-Book to Living on Purpose’ is a practical, actionable & inspirational workbook that will get you fired up, moving forward and bringing out your passion in life. With insightful questions & journalling exercises, dive deep and uncover just exactly what it means to live on purpose and how exactly to do that – in a way that feels soul aligned and – purposeful! Including thought provoking re-frames on life to empower and uplift, you are reminded that only you can realise your purposeful life. So, isn’t it time you did? Open this Guide-Book and start taking action on finding, following and living your soul purpose!

Purpose-ologist Guidebook with Guided Audio

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Book & Workbook Combo

Book & Workbook Combo

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Combo Special