When we began we had a logo, and a menu with an average product and no proven ability for it to make money.

And in fact it didn’t.

Make money. AT ALL.

We slogged, worked harder & harder still, more hours and more…. A few years in… waiting seeing, hoping.

Then, I cleared the decks energetically and elevated that business into the fucking jugger-naut it became.

And for various reasons, I’ve kept this extremely valuable piece of my genius to myself.

In the shadows, in the dark.

Which is where I worked from to create it.

But I loved it. Every micro detail of that business got my energetic mastery and vision all over it and it couldn’t help but raise and lift and…. Take off….To where it no longer required my stewardship…..

I let go and let it fly.

Which incidentally is also part of my genius. Because I trust in the sentiency of businesses, their ability to pick and choose WHO gets to be a part of their creation and for how long.

And perhaps more importantly I can see what that business is ASKING to BE, what wildly successful, impact making and profit generating creation it wants to be and what YOU, as its lead creator also WANT it to BE.

And what did it want to be?

A jugger-naut that doubled, tripled & quadrupled turnover and profits in a VERY short & intense period and got rave reviews from an intensely loyal & amazing staff who loved us. (Even though when we started NO ONE, including us, thought it had a chance.)

There’s no need to slog and waste away under hours of hard work that do nothing.

You have a new choice (yes, that even works with a brick and mortar BURGER joint like ours.)

Do you wait. And see. And hope?

Or do you choose elevation & the highest vision of what you conceived?

The second one. Of course.

That’s how we took that business from broke and in the red to INSANE profits that year on year, just. got. BIGGER. 😉

If you’re ready to show up for your business in a way you have never before allowed yourself to and create your own jugger-naut, you can find me belly up to the bar sinking my teeth into a juicy burger with all the toppings (because consciousness changes EVERYTHING – even BURGERS).

Or you can PM me.

The choice is yours. Always 😉

[email protected]