Conditional Relationships – Within & without

It's my birthday Celebrate with me Ah, you love me It's been two weeks Ring me Ah, you love me I'm upset Listen to me Ah, you love me I'm angry Agree with me Ah, you love me I'm lost & confused Justify me Ah, you love me Abide by these conditions Now I know [...]

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The No-place of Home

As I writhe in bitter-ness Unwilling, unable, unstructured To conform I twist & turn & bend & fold To fit where-ever I am told Skirting around confined - Invisibility openly defined Now envelopes - Folding inward, more, more Heavy, Condensing, Compressing Expansion forced in In ALL directions To seep through time & space No-where left [...]

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You Cannot Command Me

You cannot command me At every infinitesimal whim Of need In response & recation To that which you Do not enjoy As you scramble seeking comfort in security For I will not be manipulated To serve Your limited requests In substitute for the glory we deserve But if you allow it I will command An [...]

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The Space Between

The space between Arising, stretching wide, encompassing all In a vast, expansive VOID Asking, urging, requesting total SURRENDER No control, no direction, no agenda of manifestation Empty & lost somehow existing with SURITY And blind intention in the dark The fertile ground from which NEW Makes itself known in a flash Of unimagined potentials emerging [...]

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