There is only the freedom of your own path

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Anytime I feel even an inkling of 'this is what you should do', or (insert appropriate label here) woman/teacher/spiritual-whatever needs to do this, go here, be there etc etc.... I will gleefully see that as a beautiful opportunity to seize my own sovereignty and say NO - Above all else I LOVE individuality, uniqueness [...]

My mean girl got some good game!

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She's been running amok. She is damn good at the mean girl thing. She should have been in that movie Mean Girls and would have made them look like angels. Probably would have been oscar worthy for the sheer depths of callousness she can go to to bring someone down. Someone of course being someONE [...]


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I'm not one of 'those' intuitive readers. I don't even know what I mean by 'those' - cause I haven't really met any of them. But what I have met are those who THINK & WISH that 'intuitives' have their answer. Someone, anyone, anything - other than the person you see when you look in [...]

FEELING PRIVILEGED TO BE ME! (And yes, that is allowed!)

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Today is my birthday. And when I woke up this morning all I could think about was how privileged I feel to be me. I feel so blessed to be on this journey and discovering and accepting the truth of who I am. When you know who you are, then you realise what a privilege [...]

Fuck your WHY & the train it rolled in on

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I’ve had my fill of why. I sort of annoy the heck out of myself with why. I’ve just got that kind of a brain, ya know? I like questions & I love answers even more, so I’m always asking why something.   Which is sort of what started this whole thing to begin with. [...]

I won’t be party to the dumbing down

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I've written about 3 blogs today and finished none of them. Partly because I'm feeling irritated and can't be bothered finishing things, partly because I have sooooo many thoughts and ideas that I jump from one to the other in a seemingly non-sensical way, so I have to keep starting new blogs for the new [...]