Luma Festival of Lights here in Queenstown was very impressive. I resisted the urge to snap happy, for a couple of reasons... 1. After two or three attempts it was clear, photographing light installations falls into the realms of professional camera and professional user of said camera. Unless of course you are satisfied with a mere wiff of the essence of what [...]

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When studying can hold you back…

I've been reading Stephen Kings book On Writing. It's proving very enjoyable. However, I am struck by one thought. Apart from my secondary level education, I have not read or studied the craft of writing. If I had, I possibly would never have written a single word. I'm convinced that the quickest way to suppress [...]

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Grief & Tears – what’s happening energetically..

What's REALLY happening energetically when we experience these emotions and why it's so important, if you want to create change, to embrace it.....

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The essence of inclusion and the guise of morality

The essence of inclusion and the guise of morality You would think it is what it says on the box, right? Inclusive. To me that means, literally Inclusive. Full stop. End of sentence. A one word sentence. Says it all. It's inclusive - so that's it in it's essence right?! However, if there are conditions [...]

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The newest new age rhetoric in all it’s resplendent….. bullshit!

The newest new age rhetoric in all it's resplendent..... bullshit! I'm noticing it everywhere, newly noticing it I should say, because I have been aware of it for quite a while. In fact if I thralled through the many pieces of writing of my own I would certainly see the unmistakable mark of it. We [...]

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