52 Weeks – it’s over and WHY!!

After some consideration, I decided the blog series 52 Transformational weeks was no longer aligned for me to continue with. And more importantly - WHY - which this video goes into in depth. Big upgrades around the energetics of following through in this one and how to free ourselves from everything that just feels off! [...]

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{52Wks} H2O and You!

Hello my lovely friends, I want to remind you this week of a very simple thing we are all aware of. H2O is the building blocks for life! It's also a conduit of energy! So the very basic action of hydrating your body will allow you to raise your frequency effortlessly. It's almost like a free pass to [...]

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{52Wks} Didn’t you know?! You’re DONE with CHANGING!!

You’re not ever going to change. It sounds so mean doesn’t it?! Well, I want to talk about this again and give a bit more context to what I really mean when I said this in last week’s blog. The fact is interpretation is everything, and I love nothing more than re-framing things that dis-empower [...]

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{52Wks} 2018!!! Uh… Now what??!!

It's already the 2nd here and now as I write this, perhaps it's later again as you read it. Gosh, new year energy can be conflicting, don't you think? I mean there is the fresh slate feeling, anything is possible, hopeful anticipation... which all feels great! We imagine, we envision, we decide a million things [...]

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{52WKS} I’ve got a dirty secret I’ve been keeping

No not that kind of dirty! But dirty because it’s something I’ve put my head in the sand over for well, too many years. I’m not gonna say how many, that would just be embarrassing. But yes, it’s too many. Especially considering how long I’ve been on ‘the path’ or whatever one calls it, this [...]

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{52Wks} But now I don’t feel like it…

But now I don’t feel like it….   You’re kidding, you too?!   I bet part of you doesn’t feel like this whole dedicate some time to a transformation thingy, perhaps all of you?   Here’s my first real, up front truth. I don’t feel like it either.   In fact I just yesterday went [...]

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