Fear-mongering – or why I didn’t forward any recent messages I was asked to

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If something is fear based, it sets alarm bells off for me. Not because fear is not warranted, there are legitimate things to be fearful of, I'll warrant that. But most of those things are interestingly not at all what you think they are. I.e. what's scary to me about the recent white wash of [...]

Source is not outside of you

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Source is not outside of you. It's not coming through another and not coming through you also. Deifying any teacher or teachings is in some ways no better than traditional religion. Even if the message is empowering. If you are placing that message, messenger or teacher higher than you, more connected than you, wiser than [...]


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(Plus opportunity to unfriend/unfollow if any of the below offends you and/or you think it's too 'weird' or even worse... you couldn't care less!! In that case, PLEASE do me and you a favour and unfriend NOW!) I've been 'online' for 3 (ahem 4) years. First being a life coach (i did an expensive fancy [...]

Would you back yourself as a good investment?

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This is the ultimate question you are asking when you go into business for yourself. Sure there are other elements I suppose you could get caught up in if you really wanted to. Market research, validity of the product, demand for the product, needs of the customer etc etc. And yes, do all of that, [...]