The essence of inclusion and the guise of morality

The essence of inclusion and the guise of morality You would think it is what it says on the box, right? Inclusive. To me that means, literally Inclusive. Full stop. End of sentence. A one word sentence. Says it all. It's inclusive - so that's it in it's essence right?! However, if there are conditions [...]

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Miraculous healing – perhaps not the answer you are looking for?!

For years I searched for miraculous healing. I knew it was possible, I wanted to experience it, allow it and be a walking example of energy clearing AND - I wanted to be done with my pain already. I looked high and low for the answers, Listened deeply, dived deeper, uncovered shadows & dragons that [...]

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When we began….

When we began we had a logo, and a menu with an average product and no proven ability for it to make money. And in fact it didn’t. Make money. AT ALL. We slogged, worked harder & harder still, more hours and more…. A few years in… waiting seeing, hoping. Then, I cleared the decks [...]

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Leaders of Consciousness – The New ‘Grounding’ for Us

Leaders of consciousness - why you feel like yawning with boredom when Grounding is talked about, why it IS important, but NOT in the ways it's currently talked about - And what to *do* instead

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Habits – Good or Bad?!

Lying in bed & receiving a download about habits & habitual behaviour - resisting getting up to tend to it because I like my habit of staying in bed and sleeping. So I get up, reluctantly..... and the irony of the message is clear as well as the called upon action to fully receive it! [...]

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I sit in absolute presence with my own dis-comfort

I sit in absolute presence with my own dis-comfort. Some of that in recent days included facing and being present to the following deep-set fears arising I am deserted by those I allow into my inner circle, because they discover that - I'm a bitch I'm full of shit I think I'm all that I'm [...]

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