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When I was in college in many ways I was more ‘hippy’ than what I am now. Now, I would say I am conscious and awake – some would call that hippy – and that’s cool. But back in college I was mainstream hippy. Meaning I wore hemp, I smoked green stuff, I made my [...]

Mastery & Kilanova’s!!

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I just had a beautiful, heart opening & immensely loving conversation with Master Francis of Assisi - covering mastery & kilanova's! I sat down to meditate & be with my breath today. Something I haven’t done in a couple of weeks actually. When I made the time today I realized part of the reason I [...]

WE are the energy & being of transformation

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Recently I had the pleasure of needing to ring a call centre for assistance with some information. Most of us will carry some form prepared defensive energy into these phone calls as I’m sure no one is immune to having experienced intense frustration, miscommunication and sheer unhelpfulness in call center scenarios!!   However, at the [...]

Re-claiming the language of the divine

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I grew up Catholic. Not at all a devout Catholic family, but none the less I went to Catholic school and was exposed to all the teachings of the almighty Church. My experience wasn’t bad, I didn’t have a direct terrible experience with it or feel directly dis-empowered. However, it does carry with it many [...]

An offering of support during these intense times of change.

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An excerpt of one of last week's transmissions (from my higher-self energies) offering retrospective insight into the energetic journey that has been the last few years for me and for many others, some of whom may still be in the midst of it. Sharing with love and as an offering of support during these intense [...]

When is a cold not just a cold? {When you are a multi-dimensional being of light of course!}

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I’ve had an awful cold for the last few days. It’s interesting because I just remarked to someone recently that I haven’t been sick in a long time. I almost said it with a badge of honor, like in my mind I was thinking how aligned I must be for not having been sick. A [...]