A short reminder!

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The other day I was feeling super duper expanded and playing in the most delicious frequencies of knowing myself as the god-source creator that I AM. Which I shared about. And now I am sharing the truth that is not a perpetual state! I just today felt very compressed and small and static. While our [...]

A Divine Message on the Heart

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A message that came through at the end of May that I feel called to share today... "There is an intensity in the opening of the heart centres from which you can access deeper states and beings of love. Yes, that was correctly translated, Beings of Love - for that is what you are. This [...]

Allow – with compassion & grace

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So much can change in a very short space of time... activation is different than laboriously 'working through' your sh*t... which i believe is often a mis-conception in the spiritual world. Here is a transmission from ME (higher self energies) to me, just a few short weeks before I allowed myself to realise the truth [...]

I can’t do contrived and I won’t

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I was just sitting here thinking I really should write something, speak something, get some sort of words and presence into the world today beyond that of just my dogs and the few people I’ve chatted to directly! (Spot the loner - Happy and content loner I might add ) Anyway, there I was writing [...]

Would you back yourself as a good investment?

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This is the ultimate question you are asking when you go into business for yourself. Sure there are other elements I suppose you could get caught up in if you really wanted to. Market research, validity of the product, demand for the product, needs of the customer etc etc. And yes, do all of that, [...]

What if they disagree, poke holes or ‘read’ it differently than intended?

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This has always been one of my biggest stumbling blocks. Worrying about what other people think. Not necessarily people in general, because I know I'm pretty different as it is so yeah... whatever.... but more so people in my sphere of interest or what I really mean is consciousness. I would unconsciously pass everything through [...]