Hitting ‘Unbelievable’ Goals…

Things were not going well. In fact, they were pretty dismal. 

It was on the edge, the knife edge of is this going to work? Praying for a busy season to get back on track and attempt to get ahead..... By that stage I had stepped right back. I was no longer pulling double shifts, [...]

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When we began….

When we began we had a logo, and a menu with an average product and no proven ability for it to make money. And in fact it didn’t. Make money. AT ALL. We slogged, worked harder & harder still, more hours and more…. A few years in… waiting seeing, hoping. Then, I cleared the decks [...]

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Would you back yourself as a good investment?

This is the ultimate question you are asking when you go into business for yourself. Sure there are other elements I suppose you could get caught up in if you really wanted to. Market research, validity of the product, demand for the product, needs of the customer etc etc. And yes, do all of that, [...]

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How you spend money matters more than you think

So yesterday I got a new pair of boots. I’d been putting it off for ages because the pair I had were not completely worn through and unwearable. So I kept wearing them, even though they looked like they had been worn a thousand times and everytime I put them on I would invariably think [...]

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The Gift that is a Mortgage

This week we bought a house. It was a pretty effortless transaction being that we’ve lived in the house for five years and always treated it as our home. When our friend and landlord called us to see if we wanted to buy it, it was a no brainer, in fact it was already done [...]

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