When we began….

When we began we had a logo, and a menu with an average product and no proven ability for it to make money. And in fact it didn’t. Make money. AT ALL. We slogged, worked harder & harder still, more hours and more…. A few years in… waiting seeing, hoping. Then, I cleared the decks [...]

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The hidden drawbacks of spiritual community

Ever feel like you missed the memo about the importance of spiritual community? Or perhaps you have become dis-illusioned with it? Or you're endlessly, deep diving into how not fitting in is your issue? Well what if it's not that important, what if you're disillusioned because your intuition is on point and what if it's [...]

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How to not give a f*&k what other people think so you can do you

Stop second guessing yourself and worrying about your friends, your family, your partner, your community..... all of this is feeding into your conformity and shutting down of your true desires/message/mission/LIFE!! I'm going to take you through exactly what not giving a f*&K, in a highly spiritual, but non-conformist way looks like for me. Because no [...]

Time to set a bomb under the Mindfullness Movement

Yep. That Mindfullness Movement is everywhere. On the cover of pseudo health & wellbeing magazines the world over. It's getting lot's of air time and lots - LOTS of mindfullness courses, teachers, practitioners sharing the many benefits and ways to eternal happiness through mindfullness. And hows that going for everyone? If you're a mindfullness practitioner [...]

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Changing the HOW of ‘following through’

Following through is the corner-stone of 'success' right? Well, yes, but at what cost? And how can we actually follow-through in a soul-aligned way?!  

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I'm not one of 'those' intuitive readers. I don't even know what I mean by 'those' - cause I haven't really met any of them. But what I have met are those who THINK & WISH that 'intuitives' have their answer. Someone, anyone, anything - other than the person you see when you look in [...]

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