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I'm not one of 'those' intuitive readers. I don't even know what I mean by 'those' - cause I haven't really met any of them. But what I have met are those who THINK & WISH that 'intuitives' have their answer. Someone, anyone, anything - other than the person you see when you look in [...]


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Creativity - It's equally the most under-valued commodity AND at the same time the most valued commodity. Under valued in the insidious & subtle ways it's actually de-valued in society. Yes, actively de-valued. Just ask anyone who has proclaimed they wanted to invent things, create things, be an artist or a writer. Apparently you can't [...]

I won’t be party to the dumbing down

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I've written about 3 blogs today and finished none of them. Partly because I'm feeling irritated and can't be bothered finishing things, partly because I have sooooo many thoughts and ideas that I jump from one to the other in a seemingly non-sensical way, so I have to keep starting new blogs for the new [...]

Fear-mongering – or why I didn’t forward any recent messages I was asked to

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If something is fear based, it sets alarm bells off for me. Not because fear is not warranted, there are legitimate things to be fearful of, I'll warrant that. But most of those things are interestingly not at all what you think they are. I.e. what's scary to me about the recent white wash of [...]

3 uncommon ways to fall in love with your mornings

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Ah the morning time. That serene and majestic time of day when the sun slowly and gracefully ascends to shine its light on the world. What truly magical and awe inspiring moment of the day.   Or at least it would be if we were there to witness it, right?!   Because I don’t know [...]

‘I allow myself to follow my creative impulses’

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Do you shove down those urges and inspirations and ideas? Do you have something more important to do? Do you tell yourself you will do it 'when'? These are all symptoms of avoidance based in the fear that in fact you have nothing good enough inside you even if you did follow that idea. It's [...]