The real message behind your injuries

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A year ago I discovered I had no movement or connection with my right little toe. Seems a random thing to discover, but that's what happens when you take a yoga teacher training! Anyhow, for some reason that immobile little toe captured my attention and it became a mission to 'wake it up' again. And [...]

Who’s the expert?!

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When I was younger I did gymnastics. I absolutely loved it, it was one of my favourite pastimes and I would gladly head off to about 4 training sessions a week. However after a few years I started to develop pain in my knees when training and it began to really become an issue. So [...]

Have you had your vial of Liquid Luck today?

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Harry Potter fans will get the reference on this immediately, but just to clue you in in case you are not up to scratch on your HP trivia. Liquid Luck is a magical potion that orchestrates everything to go your way in whatever endeavours you are pursuing…. Sounds brilliant doesn’t it? Imagine we had such [...]


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It's pretty amazing how the more you play with ideas and bringing them to life, the more ideas come to you. It's like they respond with glee to someone who will actually engage with them! On the days I write blogs I tend to have AT LEAST 2-3 other ideas floating around that I could [...]

Who are you listening to?

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Once when I was in college I had a friend tell me they could see me being a writer. This was news to me. I actually never really saw that about myself, but I did quite like the idea and probably somewhere deep down I did want it. This friend didn’t really know me all [...]

Why we say No when we want to say Yes

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I've been pondering this for the past few days. I've been thinking about opportunities that have come along the way that I've said No to. Granted it's not that many, but there are definitly a few. And I'm not even talking about those big life changing opportunities, the things we think of when we hear [...]