What to do when nobody ‘gets you’

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I’ve pretty much felt like this my entire life. I always felt a bit strange, a bit weird, a bit out of the box. I never really knew why, but I always had this underlying feeling that there was SOOOO much more to life than everything that was being presented to me. I always felt [...]


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It's sort of amazing how quick time goes past. You say you are going to do something and commit to it and have it as a stable in your life.... and then one day you don't. You get busy, you get distracted, you allow all the 'more important' stuff rise to the surface and grab [...]

Why we have to LEARN how to do the things we love

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You would think that we would know exactly how to do the things in life that we love, wouldn’t you? I mean it seems so obvious, we all love to be happy and joyful and doing things that light us up, yet at the same time how often DO WE?! There is a funny little [...]

This invitation is for you….

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Are you ready to go beyond existing and into living? I get it. I really do. In fact I just had a whole day of it. Yesterday was a bit of a write off. I fell freely into that dark hole of doubt, unworthiness and wondering what the hell I'm doing anyway. And that might [...]

Why following your ‘bliss’ will help you find your purpose

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When I first heard the term ‘follow your bliss’ I thought it quite beautiful and poetic, but not practical. And after a while of being on my dedicated journey of my own purpose-ology whenever I heard it it would sort of grate on me. Now why would something that is encouraging me to do something [...]

How to discover your purpose in life

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What’s my purpose? WHAT IS MY PURPOSE??!! For years I asked myself this question. I mean literally YEARS. I grew up asking myself this. I also grew up wondering what the heck life was all about anyway. I was secretly very sure that there was some big game being played and for some reason we [...]