Energetic upgrades. The oxy-moron of ‘sending’ love & light. Aka, you DON’T.

A new way to look at this one...!

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The Summoning

And so it arrived Eons stretching out Eternity meeting In a moment As the rage erupted Summoned from the deep Whence it was cast In shame In despair In all consuming fear And dimensions shook From the gravity formed Reality devoured in its wake Desolation made waste Vacuous space True Creation called forth - The [...]

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The hidden drawbacks of spiritual community

Ever feel like you missed the memo about the importance of spiritual community? Or perhaps you have become dis-illusioned with it? Or you're endlessly, deep diving into how not fitting in is your issue? Well what if it's not that important, what if you're disillusioned because your intuition is on point and what if it's [...]

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AN OPEN INVITATION TO COMMUNITY (long & potentially unpopular!)

I've got an interesting relationship with community. It's never really sat with me. It has often felt like a 'buzz term' with no real substance behind it. Or too much substance in terms of co-dependency. I should start this by saying I'm a loner at heart. Yes, I love being by myself. totally love it, [...]

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