AN OPEN INVITATION TO COMMUNITY (long & potentially unpopular!)

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I've got an interesting relationship with community. It's never really sat with me. It has often felt like a 'buzz term' with no real substance behind it. Or too much substance in terms of co-dependency. I should start this by saying I'm a loner at heart. Yes, I love being by myself. totally love it, [...]

The Lion’s Gate Portal

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Lot's of talk about the Lion's Gate Portal lately, which has already begun in it's 'opening of the highway' that it is offering. I tuned into this today as I've had some awarenesses landing in recent days and this is part of what came through - On the Lion's Gate... "This portal is indeed one [...]

An offering of support during these intense times of change.

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An excerpt of one of last week's transmissions (from my higher-self energies) offering retrospective insight into the energetic journey that has been the last few years for me and for many others, some of whom may still be in the midst of it. Sharing with love and as an offering of support during these intense [...]

An observation – with a loving kick up the behind

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When you ask soulful questions, the deep questions, the questions that mean something to you beyond what your conscious mind is constantly worrying about - when you ask those questions - you must be prepared to receive soulful answers! And by soulful answers I mean answers that address the energy signature of your being and [...]

‘How are you? I’m good, yeah, YOU?’

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'How are you? I’m good, yeah, YOU?' Spot the deflect?! I am so frickin good at deflecting, so much so I reckon it’s a superpower. I can deflect off myself and no one even realizes that I’ve blatantly avoided answering them in any way and instead what they thought they asked me was, ‘please ask [...]