Leaders of Consciousness – Why you often feel like your words are a jumble of incoherence……

Leaders of Consciousness - Why you often feel like your words are a jumble of incoherence...... AND why you must continue sharing regardless!! You struggle to ‘start’ at the beginning of a thought process. For you are fundamentally channeling through a multi-dimensional process which means there is no start! Words are slower in their frequency [...]

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Messages from the body

For the healers/coaches/consciousness leaders living in physical pain This transmission is for us >>>> The body's messages are changing. Because our consciousness has expanded, changed and received more of itself through awareness. No more are we the unconscious beings walking around in a fog with our body attempting to signal us to wake up. The [...]

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Sunday Morning Spring Dip! (Aka this is what inconvenience looks like – for those who read my post about ‘habits’!)

There I am, fresh out of an icy dip in Lake Wakatipu. Finally ACTING on intuitive guidance. For months, no years I've been hearing things like 'cold', 'fresh' 'blue' & 'water'. This is in relation to my physical body & pain issues ongoing. Now being a fairly smart individual you would think I would get [...]

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Habits – Good or Bad?!

Lying in bed & receiving a download about habits & habitual behaviour - resisting getting up to tend to it because I like my habit of staying in bed and sleeping. So I get up, reluctantly..... and the irony of the message is clear as well as the called upon action to fully receive it! [...]

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Into the dance of the dark night go I Where silence descends - a blanket upon the senses To awaken the truths Which fall upon the heart who’s present to witness The un-seeable The un-knowable The weightless-ness of BEing no-thing Which gracefully emerges from the black To BE-come – And all at once is brought [...]

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A Message on Active Allowing & Quantum Physics

Darling ones, we are here with you now Breath deep and feel the richness of this visceral experience of the breath Here again you expand beyond polarity of the human, mentalised ideas of what is the right and wrong choice to make in any given moment Instead you allow yourself to rest and BE in [...]

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