Grief & Tears – what’s happening energetically..

What's REALLY happening energetically when we experience these emotions and why it's so important, if you want to create change, to embrace it.....

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Energetic upgrades. The oxy-moron of ‘sending’ love & light. Aka, you DON’T.

A new way to look at this one...!

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Leaders of Consciousness – The New ‘Grounding’ for Us

Leaders of consciousness - why you feel like yawning with boredom when Grounding is talked about, why it IS important, but NOT in the ways it's currently talked about - And what to *do* instead

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The hidden drawbacks of spiritual community

Ever feel like you missed the memo about the importance of spiritual community? Or perhaps you have become dis-illusioned with it? Or you're endlessly, deep diving into how not fitting in is your issue? Well what if it's not that important, what if you're disillusioned because your intuition is on point and what if it's [...]

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How to not give a f*&k what other people think so you can do you

Stop second guessing yourself and worrying about your friends, your family, your partner, your community..... all of this is feeding into your conformity and shutting down of your true desires/message/mission/LIFE!! I'm going to take you through exactly what not giving a f*&K, in a highly spiritual, but non-conformist way looks like for me. Because no [...]

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