Changing the HOW of ‘following through’

Following through is the corner-stone of 'success' right? Well, yes, but at what cost? And how can we actually follow-through in a soul-aligned way?!  

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The Simplicity of Multi-Dimensional Living

Covered heaps in this one including.... - Small acts as a reference point for how multi-faceted you are allowing your life to be - flat & boring or rich & diverse? - how you dissipate fear of yourself & life - living beyond goals into the full expression of individuated god-source consciousness Enjoy!!

The Language of the Divine is OURS

Are you a spiritual gangster but balk when you hear the terms God, Holy Spirit, Worship, Devotion or anything in relation to RELIGION?!! Then it's time to upgrade and re-claim what's yours...! Originally a FB Live - Might be some fuzzy quality parts. If you prefer to read you can check it out the blog [...]

You are the guru!

If you are feeling confused and your instincts have you questioning the absoluteness of certain spiritual teachings then this video is for you. You are always your highest answer. Originally a FB Livestream hence the fuzzy quality in parts. Here is the link to read the blog post HERE