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Lee L. Christchurch, New Zealand

I’m really enjoying the sessions with you, I really appreciate your wisdom in honing in on the important and even slightly challenging stuff and knowing when to share your own insight, experience and story. Your questions are spot on. I’m impressed at the way you can challenge me without it being challenging if that makes sense! And I’m amazed at how much we can cover in a short time, over skype, not knowing each other!

Lee L. Christchurch, New Zealand March 3, 2015

Emma J. Christchurch, New Zealand

"Since working with Roisin my life has changed a lot. I feel more confident in the direction that my life is going & I'm more confident to make the decisions I need to make to keep moving forward.

Roisin was easy to chat to & open up to. She listened openly & helped me find the answers I was looking for. This work is about finding our own path & Roisin is the perfect person to help you find your way.

Emma J. Christchurch, New Zealand March 3, 2015

Kim E. NSW, Australia

"Since working with you emotionally I am far more centered I understand my self talk alot more. Physically I am a greater version of myself to appreciate. Mostly though my entire world turned around. I was offered a opportunity to operate a cafe as part of a cleaning contact with a company I use to work for. I have full say in every part of it so I am able to cook. It all looks very promising. The beauty is it just landed in my lap as my last job was meant to finish. So timing was perfect. You were a great inspiration for me Roisin...I truly thank you. I also met someone very special. So life just seems to be falling into place in so many awesome ways. Would I recommend thinking the story speaks for its self...absolutely. take care and many blessings."

Kim E. NSW, Australia March 3, 2015

Kim and Peter, Queenstown NZ

"After floundering around a bit with the direction and plan for our new business, we approached Roisin after attending a presentation of hers on this subject recently. After three online coaching sessions, we now have well-defined vision, values and financial goals that we will apply to our overall business plan. We found Roisin's advice and feedback invaluable in helping get us on track.

Thanks Roisin?"

Kim & Peter Queenstown, New Zealand March 3, 2015

Mary Jo & Steve Halligan

I found the coaching sessions I had with Roisin Brady in 2015 via skype to be invaluable in supporting both myself and my husband Steve to uncover and clarify our new business visions, values and mission. As our business is aligned with our soulful visions and sense of greater purpose, it was important to us to have an authentic connection with our coach and trust them to guide us in a intuitive and practically balanced heart-mind centred way. This is something Roisin is incredible skilled at and we came away from our sessions feeling more focused, uplifted and excited about moving forward with our business and life creations.
I highly recommend coaching with Roisin, her committed support, business experience and guidance will prove itself priceless over time. She is committed to your success on every level and will help you tap into your best version of your self as you create your business visions or simply take your next life step for personal growth and transformation.

Mary Jo & Steve March 3, 2015

Laura H. Queenstown, New Zealand

Coaching with Roisin has made a monumental impact on my life and I would simply not be where I am without her!

When we first started working together I was unsure of where my life was heading. I have always set high standards for myself but the reality was, I was merely “existing” in all areas of my life - my business, my career, my finances and my relationship. Roisin helped me in all aspects. We started at the beginning and I was surprised just how easy it was. Roisin asked questions and guided me to connect with my life so I could figure it all out. Together, once I worked out where I wanted to be, the next stage was making a plan to get there. Emotionally I felt connected to my life - I gained ownership of my life and that is super empowering. In addition I learnt how to appreciate my life and how to show gratitude. I learnt to not be so hard on myself and to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments.

Overall, I feel utterly amazing and this is a direct result of working with Roisin. I have learnt that we are in control of our lives, we can do and be anything and everything we want to be. I have the power to change things I don’t like, I don’t have to accept the status quo and just exist. I can change my trajectory so I can live the life I want!

Whilst all this sounds difficult, Roisin makes this really simple, really easy and super fun - imagine designing and living your own amazing life!. Roisin helped me achieve this and words cannot express the gratitude I have. Thanks a million times over Roisin xx

Laura H. Queenstown, New Zealand March 3, 2015