Confessions of a Spiritual Life Coach

What could a life coach have to confess to, I hear you ask? Well considering the wide spread definition of what life coaching is mostly about, it’s something big.

It’s a real deal confession, a big ‘ol outing of myself coupled with some real talk about life and ‘what it takes’, or some such very desirable conversation.
Ready? Ok.

I confess to being (at times) a total and complete (ok, all the time) lazy and irreverent human who despite being a life coach, couldn’t be less interested in ‘success’.

And I hate committing to things.

Anything. Jobs, ideas, lunch dates, walks, myself for the very next day, myself for the very next hour. I simply avoid at all cost committing to anything and as such I demonstrate my lazy and irreverent nature and complete lack of respect for this thing called ‘success’ that we all supposedly should be chasing.

Even the soul success. Yes, the real success that us life coaches and spiritual teachers and personal development doctorate degree holders (that’s not a real thing by the way, but it could be) say that life is really about. You know the fulfillment and purpose and soul satisfaction type of success that doesn’t have to relate to money or material things or surface ‘empty’ successes.

Even that type, the type we deem more worthy success, the very type that I love to talk about and shop all over my own work and pages, yep that stuff…. Mostly, I’m not interested.
Because the truth is I have a sense that the only thing I have ever really been committed to is the awakening of my own sovereign self into mastery.

I know, I know, I heard it too. Sounds ridiculous, right?

Trust me I would not have said that a few years ago. But I stood on the path and said yes, even though I thought I would be bringing abundance ideas and productive techniques to the driven for success few.

But if you are primarily a spiritual gangster, explorer of consciousness like myself, something else entirely happens. The more down the path you go, the more spiritual you allow yourself to become, the more you realise that none of that matters.

Which leaves you in a bit of pickle really doesn’t it?

Because fortunately, or not, ‘awakening your own sovereign self into mastery’ does not seem to fit into any of the frameworks of any of the success models that are round and about and popular these days. Despite how hard and long I have tried to make it fit, it just doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere, no matter what meaningful and purposeful words I dress it up in.

Nor quite frankly is it even deemed a ‘thing’ by 99.9% of the planet. And even in the remaining .01% it’s mostly considered something that us lowly humans will never attain, or where never meant to attain, so how dare you even consider that you could reach the heights of the ancient master gurus?!

But to some of us, we know it’s not merely a thing, it’s the whole purpose of this visit to Disney Land Earth.

And at the same time, what the heck? Really? This is the purpose when at the same time all I want is things and success, to get my list done and naturally I want to achieve… stuff!

And time and time again the answer is ‘Yes, this is it’.

So, here I am, repeatedly with nothing, zilch, nada just empty space from which to measure my progress against.

Wondering ‘Am I even making progress towards this made up, perhaps mystical and fantastical place called mastery?’

Or perhaps you call it realization, sovereignty, creatorship… whatever you call it… you know the ‘thing’, the place, the state of being I am alluding to.

And seemingly the further along that path I perceive I am perhaps progressing, the further away from any significant form of ‘personal success’ I am also going.

Perhaps because the only energy I can commit to is this seemingly endless road back to self through the myriad of the mind until maybe (hopefully?!) it one day collapses and I can operate solely from the serene space of heart-mind, trust and knowing and…. Mastery.

It sounds all a bit ridiculous and deluded and over-pedestalized, doesn’t it?!

Wouldn’t it just be easier to commit to something else? Something that made more sense, something that would have a more substantial outcome, a more acceptable and even understood outcome. And I don’t mean to show to the world, I mean for myself!

Oh but there is something, there is this calling from which it all escalated… The promised land behind door number 758 of ‘what will I do with my life’.

We can build a business, online no less, doing what we love no less, outside the box of the norm, creating our own rules and so on and so forth.

Sure. We be a coach. We go build a business. We go sell our services.

Sell our hours and hours of journeying and insight and wisdom. Sell our gifts for creating space for transformation. Sell our ability to see the brilliance of a soul. Sell our unique way of sharing how to broaden your perspective beyond the small reality many are locked in.

We can’t quite believe we can do that! Ok, no problem, we say. Love to. LOVE to support and guide and help you with that, and we mean it.

Oh, what’s that now?! They don’t want that, they don’t need that? They don’t want to go on a journey where the only destination is a state of being with potentially nothing of substance to accompany it?

Of course they don’t!

Because they want what we also want, stuff, success, lists completed.

And here we are pretending because we found something called sovereign mastery to chase down that we don’t want that anymore.

But we do. That’s the kicker isn’t it.

We could offer so much more, so much depth, so much wise and wonderful insight.

But we don’t. We don’t know how to make even ourselves want that even more than getting our damn list completed. So why would anyone pay for it?

So, we dumb it down. We promise soul success and satisfaction when you master this little know, but powerful and life altering meditation technique, and other such extremely valuable tidbits of spiritual creation 101.

And we pretend. We pretend we’ve mastered it and that every moment of our life is a joy-filled with money floating around us in a haven of fulfillment.

All the while our soul is craving the simplicity of a deeper connection to our inner sovereign self. But we’ve got a business now. We’re living the dream, we must do what it takes. And we do.

We sell the very thing we don’t even believe in or care about anymore, because hey, it’s what the people want – success.

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