Dare to be brilliant

We’ve all got a sad story, as story of triumph over adversity and we’ve been learning to share that more openly, with more depth and more vulnerability.

It’s been the process of dropping the ego to admit to one another that we hurt, to allow ourselves to feel the full impact of our own journey. To come into wholeness and not exclude the very things that make us human.

And now we’ve learned to share that story more openly, to be real, to inspire others to over-come. To shed light on what many perceive to be the ‘blessed’ and ‘lucky’ few who get to succeed, who get to be who they want to be and go out and share that with the world. Well guess what, they’ve all got a story to share.

But lately I’ve noticed something else going on here too. Within myself of course and then when I look out towards the world, I see this vulnerability being shared with openness, and also…. Dare I say it, pride.

Pride not for the act of sharing our stories. Sharing truly for the very real and authentic and valuable things we have to say, which IS beautiful.

And yet the pride, the secret barely perceptible pride is there. For the fact that we have a story, and it’s a somewhat dark one. Yes, we are proud of our own stories of lack, limitation, smallness and humility.

That’s good right?

That’s good and proper and what is expected of leaders. To share humbly, to relate to others who have also been through similar experiences. So that together we can all move beyond and into greater things.

Well isn’t it time to move beyond?

And there is another and quite frankly more daring and scary element of vulnerability that we are all nicely avoiding.

How vulnerable and real are you willing to be about the true nature of the gifts, talents, abilities and blinding brilliance that you possess and be?

How vulnerable can you be to stand on stage, be it virtual, literal or your own life, and own with clarity and confidence the light within you without having to draw on the shadow to justify why NOW you can stand in your light?

We don’t need that shadow story to justify it.

Of course we have it. I have mine and I dearly love those shadow aspects and stories and places I’ve found to go to depths and feel the torture, in some ways, of my own soul. Not that I enjoyed it, but being human is a gift and why not ride on all the rides at Disney Land?

With eyes wide open and fully present for the experience.

And we are, we are waking up to our own ability to be fully IN our life and experiences without completely loosing ourselves in a state of despair. We’ve learned to allow our shadow experiences teach us so much, gift us so much and allow them to be the real and truthful experiences of the soul that they were.

And what if, what if THAT was the easy part?!

What if facing our shadows and going through our despair and stories was all a ruse to avoid the very thing we knew at some point was coming. What if that was the prep work to the real deal of stepping into our truth as beings of true light?

Because even beyond all thoughts of how scary it is to admit where we are lacking, where we’ve done wrong, or where we’ve made grave mistakes, is the deeply held fear of letting it be known that we have something of true value, worth and beauty within to reveal.

And like it or not in order to fully allow it out, we have to first accept it ourselves, which means knowing it.

Who wants to do that in private, let alone in public?! Who wants to blatantly admit with no sign of smallness or humility that they are simply brilliant beyond measure in some way?

Ha, the thoughts of it fills us with even more dread than the thoughts of someone thinking we are a bad person. Because usually we can have some excuse or reason or really sad & terrible story to excuse our bad behavior.

Not so if we decide to simply own our birth right.

What if they think I’m vain? What if they don’t get it? What if they think I’m shallow and ‘love myself’? People get shamed for that. Serious shaming happens if you dare to claim you could be valuable and worthy.

Mostly inner shaming due to signals received from our culture, society and families through-out our life. And also let’s face it, a lot of external shaming.

But concessions can be made if you are humble. And if you prove that what you are saying you are good at is true.

Be humble and darling – prove it. Then you can be one of the few who can be brilliant.

Well, there is no measuring device in the human world that could prove the worth and brilliance of your soul.

And to be humble….. well do you know what it actually means? – ‘to believe you are not important’ .

And what does important mean – ‘something of great significance or value’.

So tell me, how can you truly know the un-ending value of your being if you are being humble?!!

I don’t see how you can. Somewhere along the way we decided that to feel important meant you felt MORE important than another, or that you instantly de-valued THEM in the face of your IMPORTANCE. So instead be humble, be small, because obviously they are?!!

What?!! NO!!!!

To know, truly know to your core your own inherent value is to KNOW the truth of the inherent value of ALL.

It’s a service to the world that goes well beyond any notions of staying humble to avoid others feeling uncomfortable because you decided to allow yourself be important in your own life!

Be important. Not arrogant, there’s a difference, one is egoic, one is soulful, grounded, connected and honoring of ALL. I’m not gonna spell it out which one is which

You’re brilliant, you’re important, you can figure it out…. And in fact, the core of your being knows it, just as mine does.

Soul to soul I ask you, dare to allow yourself be brilliant.

Lot’s of love,
Roisin xoxo

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