Fear-mongering – or why I didn’t forward any recent messages I was asked to

If something is fear based, it sets alarm bells off for me. Not because fear is not warranted, there are legitimate things to be fearful of, I’ll warrant that. But most of those things are interestingly not at all what you think they are. I.e. what’s scary to me about the recent white wash of messenger forwarding is not hacking or hoaxes, but the fact that in this day and age of information era so many blindly accepted as truth, or at least decided to hedge bets on the truth of a viral, unsubstantiated fear based claim.

The more I think about it the more I realise just how much it illustrates the ‘sheeple’ mentality that is still pervasive despite the fact that we literally have access to more information than ever before.

We don’t have to accept at face value what we are told by the news, by corporations, by teachers, by ‘experts’ anywhere. Instead we could ask a question. Why? Really? How come? Who said? Why did they say? What’s their motive? What makes them an expert? What does MY instinct tell me??

What really gets me though is the concept, (or likely reality!) that in actuality if you are one of the people who diligently forwards messages, shares the proper posts and conforms to what you are told, asked or suggested to do…. then that all gets gobbled up by the algorithms and places you in a column labelled sheeple.

How does that feel?

Ok, I’m slightly exaggerating to illustrate the point, but none the less this is what happens.

Is it pissing you off to read that either I or some mathematical formula somewhere is labelling you subservient, accepting, pliable based on some silly little action you took?

Good. I hope it is. Because there are no silly little actions. Not really. There’s conscious or unconscious.

And while you might tell yourself that you are informed because you watch the evening news, or you subscribe to the herald, or you are a ‘good’ citizen because you forward messages or you contribute to some charities, ask again. What is that you are informed about and who exactly is that serving? What is the ‘good’ that you are doing and how is it really contributing?

Look I’m not interested in conspiracy theories, but interestingly who labelled them as such and created a sceptical, disparaging question mark around those theories or those people asking the questions?

A question mark being placed around the question mark! Distraction at its best. Think about it.

Let me be clear, my intention was to potentially piss you off or trigger you. Because I thought you were more than a sheeple who blindly steps in line. And if you are, then isn’t it about time you stepped out of line?


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