Fractals, chakras & you

A further message on chakra’s & integration process <3

Fractals, chakra’s & you

“You are in many ways akin to a prism. When you come into to form your light of your being beings to divide and split as you choose to explore different aspects of this reality. This is reflected through the chakric-toroidal fields. Your light beams in and like a prism is split into focus through the various layers of experience that are available here.

In response, you then create aspects of your identity which take on the role of exploring those themes and ways to know yourself as separate and individuated in form. These identities become fractals of your soul and in essence have their own unique experience, separate even from you. This also ties in with the concept of parallel lives of which we will leave for another discussion. The benefit of this fractalising yourself in order to experience more is that you can then choose through your ability to focus, which fractal aspect you then experience in this present now timeline.

When you begin to awaken, and desire a more full connection with the whole of who you are, you feel at a loss because you are at this stage similar to an incomplete mirror. Imagine if you will a mirror that is shattered and only some of the pieces have come back to their right place. When you look at your image you see it distorted and unclear and you feel a sense of confusion about who you really are based on that reflection. This is what occurs as you begin to awaken and deeply desire for ‘your mirror’ (your life & experience of yourself) to be the truest reflection of who you really are. And so, you begin to call back into your field of awareness the fractals of yourself that explored various themes. For at this stage you no longer wish to view life through the limited and fractalised view point that many of your identities possess.

You can use the chakra-toroid fields to ‘call-back’ those pieces of you that are lost in their own exploration. The reason we have added the ‘toroid’ piece to this description is because we feel it better illustrates the all-encompassing (circular) field of frequency these centers emit. Since each of your fractalised selves are exploring various levels of themes related to each chakra, then you can re-call them through activating a ‘balanced’ signal within each one – signifying to your fractal that the exploration is done as you have come into balance with this theme.

As this process evolves you will come to the point where ‘your mirror’ is a full reflection of who you are, including all of the fractal identities, and you no longer will limit your view through isolated focus on each one, instead you will have a broader view-point from the ‘big picture’ of the whole of who you are, while also the ability if you wish to still focus down to the smallest perspective of each fractal. Though in truth the inclination to do so will cease as you feel into and explore the freedom of the full and integrated spectrum of who you are.

The Light that is both the rainbow, each colour of the rainbow and the beam of light from which they all begin.”

Lot’s of love,
Roisin Brady

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