Fuck your WHY & the train it rolled in on

I’ve had my fill of why. I sort of annoy the heck out of myself with why. I’ve just got that kind of a brain, ya know? I like questions & I love answers even more, so I’m always asking why something.


Which is sort of what started this whole thing to begin with.


What whole thing is that? Not this blog piece, no I mean THIS, ME, doing this, Being me.


All started with why.


Why LIFE? Why like this (survival based, monotonous, limiting, boring)?

Why not like this (thriving, joyful, abundant, adventurous, fun)?


I asked until I found some people with answers that sounded more interesting than anything I learned from the regular world.


And now Here I am.

So big thumbs up to why for that one J


But I don’t really have a beef with that why. I’ve got a beef with the BIG Why.


You know the one. The ONE.




There seems to be a lot of festering tripe around things being the ONE if you ask me.


And the BIG Why is one of them.


Find your why to change your life, find your why to create your dreams, find your why and that why will create miracles from nothing. Find it, find it now! Your life of your dreams depends upon it! Without that why all else fails and diminishes in its power. You, puny you are nothing without a solid why behind you!

I’ve spent years, literally asking for my why… wondering where it was, what it was up to and interestingly why it hadn’t presented itself to me since I’d been earnestly asking it to.


Lots of courses, LOTS of them. Convinced that why was just waiting for me and when it arrived it would be this celebration of fireworks and transportation into the magical realms of those who have a why and all that apparently goes along with it. i.e. success and stuff.


Now it might be kind of funny to be writing this considering I DO now actually have that why. And when it came to me, it was sort of obvious and not at all glamorous, certainly there was no fireworks and as yet have not been transported somewhere where all the things fall from the sky, gifted by the universe.


But yes, I have the coveted BIG WHY. I’ve got that baby all sown up. Written nicely here on my computer. I could tell you, it would be the natural thing to do. Laud that puppy around as bait to prove just how onto it I am at this whole figuring life out thing.


But I’m going to tell you something else instead.


The real thing that has allowed me to arrive HERE without actually knowing that BIG WHY. The BIG Why one is suspossed to know to do such things as write blogs & make videos & channel messages & coach & call myself an intuitive guide.


The very real thing that has kept these little fingers tapping away for the last few years. The real thing that has kept me turning pages, pressing record, pressing play on listening to podcasts, videos, courses. The real thing that has kept me asking all sorts of other whys…. Such as why is WHY so damn important?


Here it is. It’s big, are you ready?!


It’s simple and it’s been there ALL along. Literally ALL along.

I can’t not.



There it is. No ceremony required, no music ringing from on high, just the reality that I’ve never really had a say in it. I, being the limited aspect of myself that was convinced it was lacking in something because I didn’t know my BIG WHY.

My soul just sort of laughed and smiled wryly about that. And kept nudging me along anyway. Without me realizing that’s what was going on. Silly thinking it was lil’ ‘ol me who was on a mission to find the why.


Ah, but thank you just the same. Thank you to lil’ ‘ol me who thought she was being diligent when really she was doing what she couldn’t NOT do. (a double negative!! Send me to grammar jail!) It’s unfortunate that language hasn’t yet caught up with the translation of the soul… but we do our best.

You see you do have a why. And you’re already living it. Daily probably. Diligently probably. Looking for it – definitely. But when you do set on it, it’s an interesting paradox of sorts. Because you realise it doesn’t matter. In fact, you’ve been living by it all along.


You’ve been pushing the boundaries, you’ve been asking the questions, you’ve been daring to step out of line of ‘reality’. You’ve been slowly but surely, day by day, allowing yourself to pursue Being YOU. Firstly by discovering all about what’s not really you. So that you can ditch it, release it, upgrade it & create from the fresh slate of the YOU who has no limits.

But you didn’t set out for this. You didn’t go ‘oh yeah, divine de-coder, consciousness explorer, master intuitive & leader of a new paradigm…. That’s what I’m going to figure out’


No. You probably would have stopped dead in your tracks if that was the case!


No, you started with one simple question. Why? Why LIFE? Why this way? Why not this way?

Because it occurred to you to ask it. Because it was never up to you. You decided you were going to ask that before you landed. And you decided this time, you would be relentless in asking why until you remembered this one thing…


‘Why am I asking why?’

Because you can’t not. Because you are the answer and the answer is found when you ask the question.




Because, when you can’t not, that means you ARE THAT.


What’s THAT? Oh that’s the next journey – or should I say the real journey. But the answer is simple just the same. 😉