Recently I posted about my 101 blogs. It was great, so many of you took messages and so many of those messages really hit a deep chord.

Except maybe a couple. There where a few bogs in those 101 messages that didn’t really have a right to be there. Oh they were blogs all right, they were words on a page – but messages? No.

You see there is this thing that happens online. It’s technical name is ‘click bait’, what it really means is – short term attention grabbing based on surface desires.

And if you want to get people to listen or hear you or click on what you’ve got going on – you best get your ‘clickiest’ bait on the hook.

So I attempted to do so. 3 Ways to this, 5 ways to that – information on a page designed to get you to want to …. Cliick!

Except they sort of made me uncomfortable. Hard to write, even harder to read, and certainly nothing that would stain your heart and soul with a message so deep you remember it for life.

Not every piece can be that. I’m not saying every piece I write IS that! But I do put something real, something beyond information on a page into everything I write.

And so when I retrieved each person’s message from the archive of my blog, my heart sank a little when I saw those pieces. Because while technically there was good info in them, there was nothing of soul in there. Nothing of substance.

It was noise. Loud noise. Click me noise. Distract me noise. Give me an answer noise. Tell me the secret noise.

Noise. That’s what most of it is. The internet that is.


Can you hear it?

Stop. Listen. Breath.

It’s actually quiet now, here, where soul is. Where your breath is, where your stopping is, where you internal listening is.

But watch as you move through this to the ‘next’ – what happens to the noise?

Click me, click me, click me.
Answer Here!
Saviour Here!
Problem Solved Here!
Click here!
Do it now!
Right here!
Come on Don’t wait!
Click, click, click,
Scroll, scroll, scroll

Not much room for

So now, my promise, to me – to MY soul. My soul that feels tortured everytime I attempt to contrive ‘what they want to hear’, my soul that KNOWS attempting to use ‘old school’ ways to teach & share New Earth ways, will simply not work.

Imagine using an abacus to teach or share computer code?! Exactly!

My promise to me AND to you – is less noise.

Soul for Soul – ALL the way.

Because it truly is the only way!