Lying in bed & receiving a download about habits & habitual behaviour – resisting getting up to tend to it because I like my habit of staying in bed and sleeping.

So I get up, reluctantly….. and the irony of the message is clear as well as the called upon action to fully receive it!

Enjoy! (you better, because I got out of bed for this gem!)

‘Habits over time, be they good or bad, by their very nature become habitual, meaning unconscious, unaware, lifeless and directionless. The compulsion to establish good habits come from the brain & the minds desire to find the answer and solve the problem. However, life is not a problem to solve, it is not a habit to create, a discipline to stick to, or an experience to be moderated and controlled.

So inevitably as life evolves and you feel the stirring of change within and without, you have to allow the habitual behaviour to change also. Instead you attempt to try harder, make it work and double your efforts with those good habits that once yielded such great results/solutions.

Haven’t you noticed how bored you become with your ‘good habits’?

Because when you limit them into ‘problem solving actions’ they cease to have the creative energy they held that one time or many times you engaged with them and felt wonderful. You are not meant to continually replicate the same method of creativity, flow, ease & awareness. For where exactly IS the creativity in that?!

The habit that will most serve is simply the habit of acting on your intuition as and when it arises. Which again by the very nature of intuition being a soul inspiration rather than a ‘human solving’ inspiration, will be unpredictable, creative and quite possibly inconvenient for your habitual loving self. By design.

Just like when you have to get out of bed to tend to the call of clarity and awareness and new landings.

Completely inconvenient, but totally creative and full of uncontrollable, unrestricted LIFE.’