How you spend money matters more than you think

So yesterday I got a new pair of boots. I’d been putting it off for ages because the pair I had were not completely worn through and unwearable. So I kept wearing them, even though they looked like they had been worn a thousand times and everytime I put them on I would invariably think ‘I really need a new pair of these’.

Over the past few years I’ve had some great retail jobs so I’ve gotten heaps of clothes and shoes for free or at a really great discount. And this was part of the reason I was resisting buying a new pair. I’m not really someone who loves shopping and buying clothes so it’s not something I value highly in terms of where and what I spend my money on. I’d be happier spending that money on a night out at a fancy restaurant than on new boots!

I enjoy eating out much more than I enjoy shopping so hence my underlying value of what I want to spend my money on is with what I enjoy most. But I’m digressing slightly from the point I really want to make here.

Usually the things we enjoy and value highly we spend our money on willingly, joyfully, possibly even with excitement. And those things bring more happiness, more contentment and more joy to our lives. We don’t ‘miss’ that money that we spend on those things because we love them so much and we inherently see their value in our lives so we are happy to spend our money on them.

And isn’t that interesting? Because money is energy after all, and you get back what you give out. So the things we happily, willingly and gleefully spend our money on are the things that bring us back the most happiness.

And then the things we don’t enjoy spending money on, such as bills and the like generally bring us more stress and worry.

Very interesting.  Two things: both using the same exact exchange i.e. money and yet two different results.

So what if changing the results was as simple as lining up the exchange with the option that usually yields pretty good results?

What if we changed HOW we spend our money? And I don’t me how as in ‘on what’, I mean how as in how we feel about what we are spending our money on.

Yesterday when I finally bought those new boots do you want to know the words that left my mouth as I paid for them?

‘It’s killing me to pay full price for these’ !!

I was kind of joking and referring to how cool it was when I used to get stuff for free or much less than full price, but none the less that’s what I said.

‘It’s killing me’ Wow!

Money is an energy exchange and how I was personally exchanging that energy was with a begrudging heart and the thought that letting that money go was ‘killing me’.

Well why on earth would those boots bring me happiness if that’s how I’m feeling about them now? And for that matter why would money bring me joy if that is how I treat it? Something to be held onto and only parted with under two conditions; happily or extremely be-grudgingly.

If we are all being honest and if money is in anyway an issue for you in your life, I can guess that more than 50% of the time you are spending with reluctance and fear.

And surprise, surprise what are you experiencing around money? Perhaps is it fear of not enough? Perhaps is it never enough for the things you really want? Even for the things you don’t really want?

Interesting isn’t it?

But perhaps the solution is not that complicated. Spending with joy usually brings more joy. Spending with reluctance and fear brings more of that. So isn’t it obvious?

Everything we spend we must spend happily and purposely. Whatever it is you are paying for you ARE getting something of value for. Something you most probably really NEED.

Like your power bill. Pay for it with happiness because you can boil the kettle whenever you like, you can have a hot shower everyday, you can see at night! These things are all actually INVALUABLE in the modern world. So perhaps the bills are the things we could most joyfully be paying for!

The very next thing you are due to spend money on, check in and see; what are you actually getting, how does that serve your life and how can you hand over that money with a smile and a thankful heart?
I guarantee if you continue to do this, money will suddenly be bringing more joy into your life, not less.

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