‘I allow myself to follow my creative impulses’

Do you shove down those urges and inspirations and ideas?

Do you have something more important to do?
Do you tell yourself you will do it ‘when’?

These are all symptoms of avoidance based in the fear that in fact you have nothing good enough inside you even if you did follow that idea. It’s often easier to imagine that it would have been great, rather than risk proving to yourself either your failure or indeed your success.

But you know the strange thing? Neither of those things feel like you think they will. The failure is never as bad as you imagine and the success isn’t as brilliant as you envision.

You want to know what is great?

The feeling of engaging with your creativity and creating something that matters to you. The sense of accomplishment, the sense of having followed through regardless of the outcome, the knowing that you can in fact do something when you decide to stop ignoring the impulses within.

Allow yourself to follow your creative impulses, for no other reason than the act of creating itself.

Because as creators, that is literally what we came here to do. Creating and being creative will fulfil your sense of purpose every time.

Be it knitting, gardening, writing, dancing, organising, coming up with new ideas… whatever it is that is sparking a new idea big or small, left brain or right brain…. that is creativity.

So allow yourself to follow that impulse and create something new or different in the space that’s calling for it to be.

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