When I was in college in many ways I was more ‘hippy’ than what I am now. Now, I would say I am conscious and awake – some would call that hippy – and that’s cool.

But back in college I was mainstream hippy. Meaning I wore hemp, I smoked green stuff, I made my own beauty products and I was very concerned about the state of the planet and humanity.

VERY. I even considered becoming a politician for the Green Party. And if I did I would have been one of those extreme left, righteous with tunnel vision sort of political activists.

But the truth is I didn’t have to be a politician to be righteous with tunnel vision. I was taking care of that quite nicely without the need to represent a whole group of other righteous, well intended individuals.

I was also concerned. About the toxins in food, and beauty products and cleaning products and how it affected our bodies and our health. So, I made my own and what I couldn’t make I would buy the best natural version I could find.

It was fun, I’m not saying it wasn’t. It was super fun to play with essential oils, and vegetable oils and glass bottles and bain maire’s. At one point I had a whole apothecary in my kitchen!

Shopping at the supermarket was an event. Because it took time. It took A LOT of time to read every.single.ingredient on every.single.item I considered buying. Then placing that product into the ‘good’, ‘safe’, ‘environmentally friendly’ categories I had devised for myself.

Honestly it was exhausting.

And I haven’t even gotten into ALL of the national and international environmental subjects I was highly aware of, highly opinionated about and highly worried about due to my sole responsibility it seemed to be to save the planet.

I was a ball of well-intended stress and worry and it was not only exhausting it was restricting any and all joy of being human.

But slowly, slowly (over a number of years!) I began to loosen my grip on all that I believed to be true and correct and right. I began to question my own beliefs about the nature of the planet and its finite resources and I woke up to a level of consciousness beyond that of the polarity of right and wrong.

I say I woke up, but it wasn’t instantaneous, I feel I began to catch glimpses of remembering. Through my feeling body. It felt good to let go of the deep worry and concern I had. If felt good to consign all my studies to another timeline. I could feel very viscerally through my internal feedback system that my own inner turmoil and judgment was not in anyway solving anything.

Sure, it was maybe making things a tiny bit better. But the toxic frequency I was emitting was doing more harm than good to ME firstly, and then to the people around me. Most of whom I was judging harshly for not doing all the ‘right’ things I was doing to save the planet and humanity. So yeah – projecting a tone of energetic rubbish into the ethers because ‘they’, ‘they’ being everyone who didn’t get it and agree with me, where destroying the planet.

Needless to say, letting go of THAT, was liberating as FUCK!

Letting go of it didn’t mean I stopped caring. It meant I was remembering the soul truth & reading between the lines of this reality into the fact that we are here existing in a polarized reality. Right and wrong. And as our soul self, we choose this to see what it feels like. Literally, and simply put.

So, I loosened my tightly held polarized grip on the righteousness of my environmental crusade. I started living. I started making choices based on what my heart and soul wanted and desired. With no caveat that it had to be ‘healthy’ or ‘environmentally safe’ because I read some book that said it had to be that way. In case you haven’t noticed what we’ve been told was healthy 5 years ago is now aparantly toxic and vice versa… soy products and dairy are examples that spring to mind.

I began to create a life I was proud to live. Not because I was doing all the right things. But because I was honoring my soul and in doing so I was changing the world through who I was being. People loved to be around me, I transmuted their stress when they were with me, I saw them as the brilliant souls and individuals there were, I sent ripples out into the world of joy and acceptance and love of the people I met who were simply doing the best they could.

I was no longer building my life on the foundation of choices that we set in fear, lack, judgement and savior mentality. Because that had not been serving anyone, least of all the planet.


Because stressed out, tunnel vision, righteous and judgemental individuals generally don’t change the world. And it doesn’t matter what the subject is that you are so passionately right about. That’s the kicker with tunnel vision. You think you are right – but what if, just consider, what if you are not?

Mmm, that’s a biggy. There are a lot of things I now know I was incorrectly ‘right’ about and I have nothing but compassion for the me that so vehemently demanded that I was right.

And interestingly I now have less proof than she had. That’s another kicker of expanding beyond polarization. Proof doesn’t present itself in the same way. Because it’s a different reality to exist in. What’s my proof? Don’t have any…. Other than the fact that I live here (most of the time at least!)

Back to my Shampoo Bar!! Yes, it DOES tie in!

So, I’d given myself a stress free pass that there was no right and wrong choices to make about the products I bought and used. Other than that I made the choice fully and with total peace about said choice.

Generally I would choose the eco products, but not exclusively. Still not exclusively.

Yet recently I realized there was more room in my life for different choices.

And guess how I felt about that?

World’s apart from how my younger self felt when that realization struck her…
I felt excited. Optimistic, innovative, high vibe.

Gone completely where the feelings of obligation, savior mentality and an overbearing responsibility to do the ‘right’ thing.

It was so different. I instantly found an amazing website selling these awesome, innovative, high vibing natural products. And I didn’t have to spend hours reading labels and checking and googling ingredients. I simply trusted that it felt good to buy the ones I choose. And if I don’t enjoy them, I’ll return to the supermarket brands I often buy. Without guilt or shame.

This is living in the 5th Dimension. We create the reality by the choices we make. NOT the specifics of the choices, but the consciousness within which we make those choices.

If you are making choices from a deep root of being right and correct to the exclusion of everything else… then no matter what the specifics of the choice, no matter how liberal it is, you are still existing in the density of the 3rd & 4th dimension of consciousness. I.E. there is a right way and a wrong way and you have to do the right way in order to be a good, responsible, healthy, conscious human, otherwise you are bad, you are wrong, you are destroying your health, the planet, your relationships, your life…. Etc etc. Basically – do the right thing otherwise you are WRONG!

New Earth is created by expansive consciousness, not by the ‘right’ choice of a limited set of choices. What if the ‘right’ choice isn’t even on the menu?! What if it isn’t even talked about or known about?

What if the right choice is the quiet whisper of your own soul speaking to you through the alignment of what feels like the right choice for YOU?

New earth is HERE. Yes in the high vibe and consciously created products AND also – more importantly – in your consciousness of HOW you make your choices. Polarized based on the limited choices of this human reality OR aligned with the freedom of your soul and it’s lack of concern for what’s right over what feels liberating?

And since that in and of itself is a polarizing question — what if it’s both?

Ah the joy of scrambling the mind to FEEL into the SOUL.

You’re welcome 🙂

Roisin xoxo

Go past the polarity, into the expansive inclusive-ness of it all. Because guess what exists there/here??

ALL of it. Exactly how we wanted it.

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