I ‘get’ it – but I don’t know how I ‘got’ it!!

Ever wonder about that?

Well in this transmission from the Diamond Frequency Collective, we cover why we sometimes ‘get’ something but don’t know how it is we ‘get’ it (hint quantum expansion!) and a piano analogy of how we live as our multi-dimensional selves. FUN!!

This is my first ever recorded transmission!! I usually transcribe it, however I decided to play with speaking it out. It’s something I will continue to practice. You will notice there are alot of spaces and gaps… this is me ‘waiting’ for the translation of the energy to come through into words!

I am sharing because I think it is valuable information, although it might feel tricky to follow, there are some gems in there! And also because for me this is a new unpracticed journey and I LOVE the genuine authenticity of sharing the real life demonstration of that 🙂

Lot’s of love,

Roisin & The Diamond Collective Frequency

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