I won’t be party to the dumbing down

I’ve written about 3 blogs today and finished none of them.

Partly because I’m feeling irritated and can’t be bothered finishing things, partly because I have sooooo many thoughts and ideas that I jump from one to the other in a seemingly non-sensical way, so I have to keep starting new blogs for the new topics, and the other reason…. the MAIN reason…

I don’t have the guts to post them.

There you have it, I don’t have the guts to go ahead and put my very dualistic, non love & light thoughts & ideas into the world, because we’re supposed to be LOVE n LIGHT.

But it’s so friggin tiring filtering and guess what else? It’s total BS.

It’s all about the dumb factor… the presumed dumb factor of you.

There is so much dumbing down happening, so much that it makes me want to get people and shake them for being so darn gullibly stupid. I know, not very love n light is it?

But it’s true. I was recently at a social gathering and at some point during the gathering we had one of those grown-up conversations about important world events and ‘the way things are’ in the world.

And it’s comical to me, totally comical that people think they are well educated and well informed and well meaning in their opinion and they are SOOOO far off the mark it’s scary. Scary because that was once me too. So full of righteous indignation…. what was I righteously indignant about – just whatever I thought was the ‘right way’.

And I can see the innocence, I’m not saying I can’t. In fact I mostly have great compassion for those who have their very well informed points of view. Not out of pity, or sympathy or superiority, but purely out of the compassion and respect that I also have for the former me who didn’t know any better.

Yet, still I think how can they be so stupid? How could I be so stupid? For so long? For so long I was convinced because I ‘informed’ I was right, I knew what I knew and I was on the ‘right’ side of the good v bad war of whatever any given topic was in question.

Yet the level of mis-information about pretty much EVERYTHING (even & especially spirituality) is so prevelent that you can’t even really blame people for accepting what they are told.

Because the alternative is a rabbit hole that you better well get ready to swallow some ‘i was way off in my well-meaning save the world attitude’ pills.

Even then after you take that pill, you still have to filter through to some semblance of truth about what’s really going on.

Which I don’t even know if it’s really possible, but what I do know is – 99.9% of what you think is real is not.

Because the first lie we are ALL sold is —-

‘There are two sides to every story’

Oh that’s the crux of it right there. There are two sides and you better be on the right side.

Well what if there are 35,000 sides to every story, and what if the two sides you think are the ‘two sides’ are simply smoke screens placed there by ‘powers’ with a vested interest in you believing there are only two sides?!

And worst of all what if those smoke screens are kept there by your very apathy to simply remain on your PC ‘right side’ of something so you can feel like a good citizen and not have to REALLY think for yourself? And I’m not talking about your ‘well informed’ thinking for yourself.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Because fortunately or not I don’t remember anyone ever being that blunt with me. Well meaning as I was, I was never actually thinking critically for myself – even though I thought that was EXACTLY what I was doing. All nicely within the ‘two sides’ – so not really at all.

And now I realise why exactly I’m pissed off and irritable today. I was party to the dumbing down for too long, and in lots of ways I still have been. I’ve been keeping quiet, saying nothing, being PC, when really half the time I want to scoff at the stupidity of the world.

What annoys me even more is to see it in the spiritual world. So much dumbing down – ‘speak to them where they are’ – give me a bucket.

‘Them’ being you by the way. Yeah, if you don’t have the inside scoop on marketing (and spirituality? oh yes, its a marketing gig now!), guess what? ‘Them’ aka YOU, are apparantly very dumb.

Yep, you’re so dumb that figuring out carefully crafted combinations of words based on surface, unimportant tripe, to get you to click on things is probably one of the most sought after and paid for commodities on the internet.

Just ask the Facebook guy.

Well THANKFULLY – my teachers and the wayshowers who have lit my path did not have the arrogance to presume I wouldn’t ‘get it’.

Thankfully something else too —- I was willing to swallow quite a few ‘i was way off’ pills.

Now I can’t make anyone else wake-up, nor do I want to.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to play in the dumb-ity smoke screens – I know I’m being harsh – boohoo.

I’m also not going to perpetuate more dumb-ness by presuming you need me to spell things out. I really dislike spelling things out, so I’m not going to.

I’m assuming if you’re still with me, you generally dislike the spelling out of things also.

Not being party to the dumbing down means holding to the KNOWING of the ‘higher’ innate we all have within.

The innate that get’s it, that doesn’t need it spelled out and that effortlessly sees the 35,000 sides and doesn’t have to ‘take’ any of them.

That’s WHO you truly are.

Which is why I speak to who you are, not where you are.

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