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Soulful questions require soulful answers….

Intuitive readings & soulful guidance that’s unique & specific to YOU.

Delivered with deep respect, love & honoring of your soul’s brilliance (which may include a touch of tough love – because we all can use some of that from time to time!)

As an intuitive, clairsentient and energy reader, the readings I offer look past the layers of surface circumstances into your energy field to access perspectives that assist you to see more clearly what is transpiring in your life.

In order to do that effectively I must bring a level of fearlessness so I can share the depth of the information I can access and one of my guiding questions is ‘what am I afraid to tell this person?’

The offering of this information is one of empowering you, as I will simultaneously sees past the ‘block’ to the truth of who you are which is a fellow master of consciousness.

I can ‘see’ from an expanded frequency and so what is offered is free of judgement and is an invitation for you to move past the limited human perspective into a wider encompassing awareness of who you are.

For this reason these readings are suited to those who are ready to fully take responsibility for themselves and the creation of their life.

You can expect to experience aha moments that will reverberate out into your past and future which, if approached with a receptive and open heart, can lead to very quick transformation as you radically shift your perspective and consciousness.

No matter how advanced, evolved or dedicated to your spiritual/growth path you are – Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, and it can be hard to see the wood for the trees in our own lives. However when we are open to exploring and receiving ‘new’ guidance it can trigger openings & realisations that have true lasting impact.

Intuitive Reading

NZ $87.00

  • I tune-in and ‘channel’ a written response based on your questions/area of concern – this information will be non-linear, expansive, multi-faceted and uniquely activating for you.
  • I then record an audio which includes a spontaneous guided meditation followed by your reading. This is designed to place you in a heart centered, grounded conscious state where you can receive the information and energy into your field so you can assimilate and integrate on a deeper level. You can listen to this audio as many times as you wish and you will find that you receive ‘more’ or ‘new’ each time.
  • I will also send you a PDF of your reading a few days later so you may receive the information by reading if that is what you enjoy.
  • You may notice that it takes a few days for the energy to sink-in and assimilate
  • Part of the underlying energy of what I offer in these readings is to activate you to receiving & accessing your own source within.

Intuitive Reading

NZ $87.00

Once paid you will be redirected to a page with further instructions.

Intuitive Reading with Additional 1:1 Support

NZ $ 157.00

All of the above Plus the following:

  • Within a week of receiving your reading we will have a 40 min Skype session in which to follow-up & discuss any additional questions and practical grounding into your life.
  • In this session I will create a space for you to receive and integrate the energy shift and de-code the experience and understandings.
  • The 1:1 will also be recorded so you can re-listen as often as required.
  • I highly recommend this option to allow yourself the full energetic support I can offer you.

Intuitive Reading with 1:1 Session

NZ $157.00

Once paid you will be redirected to a page with further instructions.

Expanded guidance will go beyond the limited human perspective or monkey mind merry-go-round we often get looped into…. Soul-fullness has answers that cut through the surface BS into the energetic core – which is where ALL resolution, transformation and results are created – ALL!

This guidance will speak directly to the energy of your situation, patterns you are holding, places you are ‘boxing-in’ and how to move beyond that so you can liberate yourself from the ‘loop’ and see more clearly your own path.

I tune in intuitively and offer practical soulful tips as well as energetic support. Practical meaning more likely ‘actionable’ as the more you choose to go beyond the construct of ‘what to do’ and move into the real work of aligning energy and generating frequency – practical takes on a whole new meaning! It will be practical in that it will be ACTIONABLE, though less likely to be practical ‘do this’ in the way our mind want’s it to be!

If you are feeling called then trust your own instincts that YOU have something for you in the reading I offer  – because that’s truly how it works – I am the interface!