“Thank you so much. I feel so blessed and excited about everything we spoke about!”

“Your time and words fulfills my energy level in a way I never experience!

I thank you for everything”

“Thank you so very much Roisin. It was quite a powerful experience! Things have changed a lot.”

“so much has changed I’m now leading from my heart like I have never done before… so amazing”

Are you ready to experience your own epic changes?

To stop banging your head against the wall repeating the same patterns?

To break-through your BS once & for all?


Awesome! So, it might be time to allow yourself to receive from another spectrum of consciousness.


Because trying to figure it out – well – how’s that been going for you?!



The soulful answers in these readings, if you allow it, will radically impact your life:


~ Banish self-doubt as you allow yourself to be seen for your greatest potential.

~ Let go of old patterns that are keeping you back from taking action on your dreams.

~ Get clarity on your direction so you can make changes with confidence.

~ Move past worry & concern and get on with doing YOU.

~ No more questioning yourself – feel support and guidance from within

~ End procrastination – have the self-assurance to trust your ideas

~ Stop ‘blocking’ your answers and open up to receiving (these readings are designed specifically to put you in a receiving state – all you have to do is say yes.)

In short –

Get ready to be fully ‘seen’ and feel completely empowered as YOU.

What are you waiting for?!

End the mental madness and receive from your soul.

Core-Energetic Intuitive Readings – Break-through your BS AND activate your Brilliance

NZ $297.00

You Receive:

~ A specifically coded for YOU channelled meditation.

Use this meditation to thoroughly support yourself DAILY and build momentum so you can move forward fearlessly

~ A beautiful PDF of your reading.

Use this personally channelled document to allow the guidance to seamlessly merge into your life – read again and again, make notes, underline – let it in, make it yours and watch the changes happen.

~ Journalling prompts to dive deeper.

Use the journalling prompts to reveal & connect to your own insights – become your own answer  – for good.

~ A follow up private 1:1 30 min session 

Use this coaching session to receive follow-up support with action, directly from someone who SEES you deeply. Receive a recording of this session so you can re-listen as often as required.

Wholistic by design,  you will feel ‘no stone left unturned’ as the spiritual, the energetic and the practical are all addressed. 

Giving you the essential framework to apply into your life and create the changes you know are possible.

So, it’s up to you, are you ready for YOUR answers?

You know what to do –

I look forward to channelling for you,

Roisin xoxo

Core-Energetics Intuitive Reading

NZ $297.00

Once paid you will be redirected to a page with further instructions.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with making one step and if there’s one step you need to make right now, this ones it!  Since receiving my reading (which happened to coincide with many other personal energetic shifts), Roisin has helped me to step into an illuminated way of being – she’s definitely been a light along my path.  I’ve got out of my own way, stepped aside, and let my own brilliance shine.  This has been a journey of self-discovery, many A’HA and light-bulb moments all delivered in a very real, relatable, and poetic way. Eternally grateful to have had this energetic exchange with you.  Many blessings x” 

“I found listening to the recording truly beautiful as Roisin’s words spilled forth, holding deep soul truths for me. I was moved to tears by the end of the recording, feeling extremely blessed and ‘seen’ for the being I (truly) AM. I felt validated in ways that I haven’t found before, but have always been seeking. Truthfully I know that this validation I seek must come from within, but sometimes we need the right person – or Wayshower – to show us the way, the door that is always open to walk through. I feel some big changes within myself as I integrate this innate knowledge re-gifted to me by Roisin.”



These readings are suited to those who are ready for total honesty with themselves & true personal responsibility.

PS >> No matter how advanced, evolved or dedicated to your spiritual/growth path you are – Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, and it can be hard to see the wood for the trees in our own lives. However when we are open to exploring and receiving ‘new’ guidance it can trigger openings & realisations that have true lasting impact.

“Wow I am deeply grateful to listen again and again to my Intuitive Session and Reading with Roisin Brady. I find that my session has beautiful energy frequencies and is the perfect invitation and smoothly balm that brings me back to my calm inner essence where I feel peaceful, present and harmonious. I highly recommend a session with Roisin to receive clarity, understandings and affirmation from ones higher self or/& inner wise source self on what ever questions you present. It is all there and Roisin has a real gift of tapping in and translating this energy and information packages. Her session covers all avenues of translation and communication with a recorded audio, a written document of the reading and a follow up Skype session to further support the integration of the reading. The commitment and support of Roisin to her clients is 110%. She will not hold back on delivering what is there for your greatest empowerment, clarity and integration with your greatest version of self. I have booked many session with many wonderful and different Healing Arts Practitioners over the years and I can honestly say what Roisin offers is unique and worth every $$$ invested. Expect to enjoy a rewarding and evolutionary session that you will want to revisit again and again. Thank you Roisin for your dedication, support and quantum services.”